UK retailers always do the best Christmas ads. Who won this year?

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Slide1Every year, UK retailers battle to see who can do the best Christmas TV ad.  Over the last decade, John Lewis has been the clear winner.  However, everyone has been playing catch up and finding their own creative ways (and major investments) to stand out. The production values resembles that of a Netflix movie. Here are the top 5, and then vote on who you think is the winner at the end

John Lewis:  “Monty the Penguin”

This year’s John Lewis ad is a nice throw-back, almost a hint to the innocence of yesteryear. The kid in the ad has no video games, cell phones or wifi issues. There’s a bit of old-school romance and a cute twist at the end.  But for John Lewis, it’s also a throw-back to the ads of 2009-2011, those years when the John Lewis Christmas ads really broke through with an innocence, simplicity and nice twist.  This year’s “Monty the Penguin” follows that formula, as it follows the life of a boy preparing for Christmas, with a great old song (John Lennon’s “Real Love”) covered by with a young singer (Tom Odell).

Boots “Christmas”

This is a very simple ad and with quite the dose of reality. Too many times, we are running around trying to buy something for someone. When in all honestly, the gift is not always the gift–but rather it’s your appearance that makes all the difference. In this ad we see many journeys, with a nice little tear at the end as we realize what the journey was for–to see mom (sorry British folks, I guess I should say “mum”)

Sainsbury “Christmas is for Sharing”

There was talk all year, that Sainsbury was going for it. And we can see the exceptional production values in this ad. Sadly, even with all that, I”m just OK on it. It feels like it’s trying too hard. And I think they were. But nonetheless, it’s highly engaging and highly emotional. I’m sure it will be well-loved by many. Maybe I’m just a fan of the small moment made big, instead of the big moment made small. 

Marks & Spencer: “Magic and Sparkle”

The UK loves their fairies–and they seem a bit darker than what we are used to. These two little fairies (magic and sparkle) do come across a little dark at first in a competitive spirit but come together to create a nice little bit of magic. It’s a good ad, maybe not in the league of the other four on here.

Mulberry: “Win Christmas”

I know I said you get to vote, but this wins it for me. Not just the ad, but the big idea behind WIN CHRISTMAS. I’m one of four kids and I know it’s all about the win. So what beats a beautiful portrait, a puppy that waves or a unicorn? A new bag from Mulberry!!!  That’s what. 

Have your say on which Ad you like best

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