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Consumer Brand Plan template that will impress your boss

Get the brand plan designed by an ex-VP of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson – who knows exactly what your boss wants to see

  • Follow the best: Expertly designed based on how the world’s best marketers present their brand plans.
  • Expertly Guided Templates: Leverage examples and definitions on each slide, enabling you to communicate ideas and strategies with precision.
  • Proven to Work: Unlike generic templates, ours are derived from years of experience and used by the best marketers to get their strategies approved.
  • Tailored to your Business: While this Brand Plan is for consumer brands, explore our Brand Plans for retail brands, B2B brands, or healthcare brands.
  • Save Time & Impress: Get the all-in-one Brand Consulting Toolkit with all our expertly designed presentation slides for consumer, B2B, healthcare, and retailer brands.
  • Limited Offer: Originally $79.99, now just $49.99! Unbeatable value for top-tier content.

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Description of what is included

Our Brand Plan template will help you gain the approval of your boss.

As I moved up the corporate ladder at esteemed organizations like J&J, General Mills, and Coke, I honed my expertise by developing numerous brand plans. And at the VP level, I was in charge of evaluating and approving countless others. With this depth of experience, I’ve gained a clear understanding of what leaders look for and the elements that make a brand plan truly compelling. Our brand plan template is designed to make your brand plan stand out and impress even the most discerning bosses.

What's inside the Brand Toolkit?

  • PowerPoint Templates: Ready-to-use, pre-formatted slides expertly tailored to present your brand strategy.
  • Key Marketing Definitions: Insert your brand information effortlessly.
  • Full-Completed Example: A step-by-step guide that showcases how the best brand leaders present.

What our Brand Plan template offers:

  • Holistic Viewpoint: Our strategic PowerPoint slides cover everything from vision and purpose to in-depth analysis, tackling key issues, strategies, and the all-important brand positioning statement. This ensures your plan is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned.
  • Simplified Yet Detailed: Craft an effective Marketing Plan and Brand Strategy Roadmap with our one-pagers, ensuring that your strategies are both easy to understand and robust.
  • Financial & Sales Insights: Dedicated slides for financials and sales forecasts allow you to showcase your strategies’ potential ROI and growth prospects.
  • Modern Marketing Solutions: With templates crafted specifically for current marketing avenues like social media, search, event sampling, and even new product launches, you’ll be equipped to handle modern challenges and opportunities.
  • Competitive Edge: Our templates help you map out product pipelines, competitor defense strategies, in-store sampling tactics, and customer marketing promotions, ensuring you always stay one step ahead.
Brand Plan template

Our Brand Plan template includes our one-page Brand Plan and our one-page Brand Strategy Roadmap. These one-pagers guarantee well-planned, on-track progress, simplifying responsibilities and deliverables for everyone involved. Ultimately, this template is perfect for crafting a cohesive, effective brand strategy that drives goal achievement.

To illustrate, click on any of the Brand Plan PowerPoint slides. 

Slides we include in the Brand Plan template

To illustrate the depth and effectiveness of our Brand Toolkit, we’ve incorporated real-world examples from brands like Gray’s Cookies. The toolkit is a culmination of essential elements for creating a detailed brand plan that resonates with your team and propels your brand toward its objectives. Take a look below:

Vision, purpose and values

Brand Vision for your brand plan
Brand Purpose
Brand Values

Key issues and strategies

Key Issues and Strategies for your brand plan
Brand Strategy Page for your Brand Plan
Brand Strategy Page for your Brand Plan

Marketing execution plans

Brand Communications Plan
Innovation Plan
Selling and Retail Plan

Brand templates for consumer brands

Discover the secrets of effective brand strategy with slides designed by an ex-VP of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson – one of the best consumer marketing companies in the world.

  • Introducing our brand toolkit for consumer brands as our most comprehensive presentation template. Includes 120+ Slides expertly designed based on how the best marketers present brand plans, brand positioning, creative briefs, and business reviews.
  • As an ex-VP of Marketing, I designed our brand plan presentation template based on knowing what your boss will want to see. Our brand plan is structured to include slides for vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, and execution plans, ensuring a thorough approach to your brand’s development. 
  • The brand positioning template covers essential elements such as target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, concept, values, story, credo, and the crucial creative brief. As a brand consultant for the past decade on many of the world’s best brands, I built our positioning template presentation to lay out the strategic slides of a brand book. 
  • Our business review template provides slides to immerse yourself in a systematic review that delves into the core sectors affecting your brand. Understand the broader market dynamics and identify growth opportunities. Dive deep into consumer behavior, preferences, and evolving trends. Assess the efficacy of your distribution and sales channels. Sharpen your competitive edge by analyzing your rivals’ strengths and vulnerabilities. Reflect on your brand’s health, positioning, and resonance with your audience.

Choose the right template for your business needs

Marketing Plans for consumer brands

Our Marketing Plan template includes strategic slides for insightful planning and marketing execution slides for seamless implementation. This template goes into more detail than our brand plan, with specific template slides for advertising, social media, search, event marketing, promotions, sampling, new product launches, and more. 

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