In the competitive landscape of consumer brands, a cohesive brand identity is essential. Consequently, we’re excited to offer our exceptional collection of brand templates for consumer brands.

Our carefully designed tools focus on simplifying your strategic process, streamlining decision-making, and enhancing your brand’s impact. Furthermore, explore our vast assortment of brand templates for consumer brands, such as brand plans, brand positioning, business reviews, creative briefs, and marketing plans. Specifically designed for those working in brand management, these templates address the unique challenges faced in the consumer brand world.

Most importantly, our template will ensure that your management team approves your brand strategy.

Choose the right template for your consumer brand

Introducing our brand toolkit for consumer brands as our most comprehensive presentation template. Essentially, it is designed to enhance your communication of brand plans, positioning, business review, and creative briefs.

Importantly, our brand plan template offers slides for vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, and execution plans, ensuring a thorough approach to your brand’s development. Furthermore, the brand positioning template guides you through defining your target profile, crafting a brand positioning statement, and developing a unique brand idea, concept, values, story, credo, and creative brief. Lastly, our business review template provides slides for in-depth analysis of the marketplace, customers, competitors, channels, and your brand.

Brand templates for consumer brands

Brand Toolkit for
consumer brands

Introducing our comprehensive Brand Toolkit for consumer brands, featuring over 120 PowerPoint slides. Consequently, this toolkit contains PowerPoint templates tailored for crafting effective brand plan, positioning, and business review presentations.

$199.99 USD.

Brand Plans for
consumer brands

Introducing our Brand Plan template for consumer brands. It includes everything you need to effectively communicate your vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, brand positioning statement, and execution plans. As a result, you will have everything you need to get your plan approved.

$59.99 USD.

Marketing Plans for consumer brands

Our Marketing Plan template includes strategic slides for insightful planning and marketing execution slides for seamless implementation. Most importantly, our brand templates are designed to propel your brand towards success and help you make a lasting impact in the market. 

$79.99 USD.

Brand Positioning for consumer brands

Introducing our brand positioning for consumer brands template that includes everything you need to effectively communicate your target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and creative brief. Moreover, these slides can serve as the strategic elements of your brand book.

$99.99 USD.

Business Review for consumer brands

Presenting our Business Review template for consumer brands, specifically created for a detailed evaluation of your brand’s performance. Notably, it features PowerPoint slides examining the marketplace, consumers, competitors, channels, and the brand.

$79.99 USD.

Choose the brand template that fits your brand

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