Brand Consulting Toolkit for B2C and B2B brands

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  • Our comprehensive package includes over 100 PowerPoint slides for a brand plan presentation, brand plan on-a-page, brand strategy roadmap, business review, brand positioning presentation, creative brief, mini brief, brand concept, brand credo, and brand story
  • Includes both the consumer and B2B brand toolkits
  • We provide formatted blank slides with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand.


Our Brand Consulting Toolkit has every template you need to run your client’s brand. This is our most comprehensive package and includes the following:  

  • The brand plan template includes slides for your vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, and execution plans. In addition, we have separate slides for a sales forecast, financials, and activity calendar. Our brand consulting toolkit provides solutions for both B2C and B2B. 
  • Our brand positioning template includes slides for your target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and a creative brief.
  • The business review template includes slides for conducting a deep-dive business review that looks at the marketplace, consumers, competitors, channels, and the brand.  

The brand consulting toolkit provides a PowerPoint file includes formatted blank slides with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand information. Our brand consulting toolkit provides fully completed PowerPoint slides using Gray’s Cookies (consumer) and Gray’s Lighting (B2B). 

Example of a completed Brand Plan for Gray's Cookies (B2C) and Gray's Lighting (B2B)

Explore all our brand management templates

Our brand management templates reflect the work we do as a brand advisor. They are the foundation of the tools in our brand playbooks, Beloved Brands, and B2B Brands. We offer brand management templates for brand plans, brand positioning, brand reviews, and creative briefs. We have those formats for consumer-facing brands, B2B, and healthcare. With each template, we have blank slides with key definitions and completed slides using relevant brand case studies.