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Our brand management training program will challenge brand leaders to think, define, plan, execute, and analyze, always focused on driving brand growth. With 20 years working on many of the world’s best brands, I will teach you everything I know. You will have access to the high quality training the best companies receive. 

I know the stronger your marketing team, the smarter thinking they will put into the brand and the better marketing execution you will see in the marketplace. We teach how to think strategically, how to define your brand positioning, how to write a brand plan, make decisions on advertising and how to analyze your brand. 

Whether using our 3-day boot camp, 1-day subject specific training or our virtual lunch-and-learn program, we promise to make your brand leaders smarter. 

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We teach marketers how to think, define, plan, execute and analyze

  1. Strategic Thinking: Learn to slow down by using our strategic thinking tools that force you to uncover the most challenging questions on your brand. Your brand strategy must be driven by the unique situation and circumstances related to your brand’s core strength, consumer relationship, competitive landscape, and business situation.
  2. Brand Positioning: You need to find the winning space, that is motivating to consumers and ownable for your brand. Our brand positioning process starts with the consumer, layering in their needs, enemies and insights. Build your brand positioning through a cluster of functional and emotional consumer benefits. Summarize with a brand idea that sets up your brand to win. 
  3. Brand Plans: The planning process provides an opportunity to make decisions, and then give clear marching orders to everyone who works on the brand. Our process teaches how to make the decisions to get everyone on the same page, related to how to write the vision, purpose, key issues, strategies and tactics. Summarize with our ideal presentation and a one-page brand plan. 
  4. Marketing Execution: We start by teaching how to take the most essential elements of the brand positioning and planning work into writing an inspiring brief. We show how to make smart and creative decisions that finds the outstanding marketing execution with your creative advertising and media choices. We demonstrate the best ways to give feedback and use a case study to simulate 
  5. Marketing Analytics: We look at the analytical sources available with 60 analytical questions to dig in on your brand. We demonstrate the logic of how to write a deep-dive business review, looking at the marketplace, consumer, channels, competitors and the brand. We show how to lay out the ideal analytical slide and ideal analytical presentation. 

The details of our most popular brand management training courses

1. How to think more strategically

Strategic thinking is an essential foundation for brand management training, forcing marketers to ask big questions that challenge and focus brand decisions. I will show you four ways to enhance your strategic thinking, using the brand’s core strength finder, consumer strategy, competitive strategy, and situational strategy. You will learn how to set a vision for your brand, focus your limited resources on breakthrough points, take advantage of opportunities you see in the market, find early wins to leverage to give your brand a positional power to drive growth and profits for your brand.

Strategic thinking learning outcomes

  • How to use the five elements of smart strategic thinking
  • Leverage our 360-degree strategic ThinkBox model using the brand’s core strength finder, consumer strategy, competitive strategy, and situational strategy. 
  • Build everything around your brand’s core strength
  • Think strategically to tighten your brand’s bond with consumers
  • Use strategy to win the competitive battles you face
  • Think strategically, within the brand’s current situation
  • Write strategic objective statements for each of the four strategies

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2. How to write a brand positioning statement

The best brand leaders target a specific motivated consumer audience and then define their brand around a brand idea that is interesting, simple, unique, motivating and ownable. I will show you how to write a winning brand positioning statement with four essential elements: target market, competitive set, main benefit and reason to believe (RTB). You will learn how to build a brand idea that leads every touchpoint of your brand, including the brand promise, brand story, innovation, purchase moment and experience. I will give you the tools for how to write a winning brand concept and brand story.

Brand positioning learning outcomes

  • Write brand positioning statements

  • Define your target market, with insights, enemies, and need states 

  • Define consumer benefits, both functional and emotional

  • Come up with brand support points and claims

  • Understand the relationship between brand soul, brand idea and brand reputation

  • Come up with your brand idea

  • Write brand concept statements

  • Turn your brand concept into a brand story

  • Use the brand positioning and brand idea to build a brand credo

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3. How to write brand plans

The best brand leaders write brand plans everyone in the organization can follow with ease, including senior management, sales, R&D, agencies and operational teams. I will teach you how to write each element of the brand plan, including the brand vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies, and tactics. Real-life examples will give you a framework to use on your brand. You will learn to build execution plans including a brand communications plan, innovation plan, and in-store plan.

Marketing plans learning outcomes:

  • Use five strategic questions as an outline for your entire plan
  • Write an inspirational vision statement to frame your marketing plan
  • Come up with a brand purpose and brand values
  • Summarize your brand’s situation analysis
  • Map out the key issues your brand faces
  • Write smart brand strategy objective statements
  • Focus tactics to ensure a high return on effort
  • Write specific execution plans for marketing communications, innovation, and in-store
  • Do up a profit statement, sales forecast, goals, and marketing budget for your plan
  • Use our ideal one-page brand formats for the annual marketing plan and long-range strategic roadmap

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4. How to inspire marketing execution

The best brand leaders need to inspire experts to produce smart and creative execution. I will provide tools and techniques for judging and making decisions on creative advertising from your agency. For judging execution, I use the ABC’s tool, believing the best executions must drive Attention (A), Brand link (B), Communication (C) and Stickiness (S). I will provide a checklist for you to use when judging executions, then show you how to provide direction to your agency to inspire and challenge great execution. 

Marketing execution learning outcomes:

  • Understand the crucial role of the brand leader in getting great creative execution
  • Successfully manage the 10 stages of the advertising process
  • Write a brand communications plan
  • Turn the brand communications plan into a creative brief
  • Use smart and bad examples of the creative brief
  • Use the ABC’s (Attention, Brand Link, Communication, Stickiness) advertising decision-making tool
  • Give inspiring feedback on advertising that pushes for great work
  • Use our six questions to help frame your media planning
  • Line up media choices to where consumers are most willing to engage with your brand

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5. How to analyze your brand's performance

The best brand leaders can tell strategic stories through analytics. With our brand management training, I will show you how to create a deep-dive business review, looking at the marketplace, consumers, competitors, channels, and brand. From there, I will teach how to turn your analysis into a presentation for management, showing the ideal presentation slide format. And then, I will also provide a Finance 101 for Marketers, giving you every financial formula you need to run your brand.

Marketing analysis learning outcomes:

  • Analyze the marketplace your brand plays in

  • Assess your consumers

  • Assess the retail channels you sell through

  • Analyze the competitors

  • Analyze the health of your brand

  • Use 60 of the best analytical questions to ask

  • Bring the analysis together into the drivers, inhibitors, threats,  and opportunities

  • Use financial formulas for compound CAGR, price increases, COGs. ROI

  • Prepare a deep-dive business review presentation

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Our brand management course menu

  1. Why being a beloved brand matters
  2. How to think strategically
  3. Mapping the consumer journey with insights
  4. Defining your brand positioning
  5. Aligning everything around your brand idea
  6. Building a marketing plan everyone can follow
  7. Leading deep-dive analysis of your brand
  8. Marketing Finance 101
  9. How to write a smart creative brief
  10. Leading the advertising process
  11. How to make creative advertising decisions
  12. How to make media decisions
brand management training

We have created bootcamp options by combining our brand management courses

Brand Strategy

3-day bootcamp 

      1. Why being a beloved brand matters
      2. How to think more strategically  
      3. Consumer & competitive strategy
      4. Deciding on your consumer target
      5. Defining your brand positioning
      6. Build everything around brand idea
      7. Build a marketing plan 

Brand Execution

3-day bootcamp

      1. Defining your brand positioning
      2. How to write a smart creative brief
      3. How to run the advertising process
      4. Making advertising decisions
      5. How to make media decisions
      6. Deep-dive analysis of your brand 
      7. Why being a beloved brand matters

Branding for Agencies

3-day bootcamp 

      1. Why being a beloved brand matters
      2. How to think more strategically  
      3. Consumer journey with insights
      4. Defining your brand positioning
      5. Build everything around brand idea
      6. How to write a smart creative brief
      7. How to run the advertising process

Video Training

Five 2-hour sessions

      1. How to think more strategically  
      2. Defining your brand positioning
      3. Build a marketing plan 
      4. Leading the marketing execution
      5. Deep-dive analysis of your brand 

What our clients have to say about our marketing training

Brand Management Training

The team at Hearth and Home Technologies had the opportunity to work with Graham on Beloved Brands management and strategy planning. Graham went above and beyond to help us think about brand management differently. During the course of four days we learned transformative skills that will help bring our portfolio of brands to the next level. Graham makes learning fun while leading the conversation with relevant thought leadership. He’s a valuable resource and a true partner in business. I would highly recommend Graham to any business looking to position and elevate brand strategy.

Jackie Schneider

Director of Marketing, Hearth & Home Technologies

Marketing Training

Beloved Brands created and delivered a custom training program to meet the developmental requirements of a diverse team of Marketers. Graham puts the training in context of their own businesses, resulting in real-time application of the training modules. His philosophies push strategic thinking and get people to see the “what if” questions before jumping to solutions. Graham challenges you to think different making each Marketer better. 

Doug Rozon

Director of Marketing, Henkel Canada

Marketing Training

Graham provided expert advice and reliable suggestions during coaching sessions to build brand performance with my team. His knowledgable experience was extremely valuable. I would recommend leveraging his expertise for brand coaching, teaching and brand planning.

Lana Jensen

Marketing Manager, 3M

Brand Management Training

The most efficient investment in my marketing budget was having Graham’s train my team. He managed to translate the “heavy marketing” slang we all had from books and previous companies into down-to-earth brand management frameworks that are practical and easy for everyone to understand. Beloved brands covers it all including analytics, key issues, strategy and brand activation. Every word will make you a better brand leader.

Zhelyaz Koliovski

Marketing Director, Vinprom Pashtera, Bulgaria

Beloved Brands is the playbook to keep within arm's length

Our readers tell us they reach for Beloved Brands a few times each week as a reference toolkit to help them with the day-to-day management of their brand. 

With Beloved Brands, we want to challenge you with questions that get you to think differently about your brand strategy. Our process for defining your brand positioning will open your mind to new possibilities for how you see your brand. 

We will show you how to write a brand plan that everyone can follow and knows precisely how they can contribute to your brand’s success. 

We will show you how to run the creative execution process, show you how to write an inspiring brief, and make decisions to find both smart and breakthrough work. 

You will learn new methods to analyze the performance of your brand with a deep-dive business review. 

Over 90% of our Amazon reviews receive five-star ratings, and Beloved Brands has spent numerous weeks as a #1 bestseller in brand management. 

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Our Beloved Brands playbook will help you build a brand your consumers will love. Learn how to think, define, plan, execute, and analyze.