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Our marketing training programs will make your team smarter

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When you invest in our marketing training program, you will help your team gain the marketing skills they need to be successful. You will see them make smarter decision and produce exceptional work that drives growth on your brand.

With our marketing training, we will help your team grow in strategic thinking, brand positioning, and marketing execution skills. Our marketing training programs teach how to find a winning brand positioning, how to build a strategic marketing plan everyone can follow, how to make creative decisions, and how to analyze the success of your campaign. 

Our marketing training programs are offered in three streams: Consumer Marketing, Healthcare Marketing and B2B Marketing. We use relevant examples for each course to ensure your marketing team can understand and apply their newly developed skills on their business. 

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Our marketing training program teaches the best ways to think, define, plan, execute and analyze

1. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is an essential foundation for any brand leader that wants to make sure they’re asking themselves the tough questions that will shape their brand positioning and brand plan. Our Strategic ThinkBox tool forces marketers to take a holistic view to capture the unique circumstances before taking action. Learn how to assess your brand’s core strength, the bond the brand has with consumers, the competitive dynamic in the market, and the brand’s business situation.

We demonstrate how to slow down to think strategically, to come up with the most challenging, interruptive questions before reaching for solutions. There are the five key ingredients to strategic thinking. Start with a clear vision for what you want your brand to be, and then invest your resources against an identified opportunity. From there, leverage breakthrough market impact and find performance results that pay back with added power and wealth.

Brand leaders will learn how to turn smart strategic thinking into the most challenging key issue questions that set up the strategic objective statements to use in your brand plans. Discover how to communicate your strategy throughout the organization to make sure everyone is on board with your brand plan.

The strategic thinking skills we build through our marketing training

  • The best marketers take a 360-degree holistic view that uncovers your brand’s core strength, consumers, competitors, and situation
  • Be able to slow down to think strategically, to come up with the most challenging, interruptive questions before reaching for solutions
  • Make smart strategic decisions based on understanding the vision, focus, opportunity, market impact, and performance result 
  • Able to articulate the strategy throughout the organization to ensure everyone delivers against the strategy

Our strategic thinking toolkit we use in our brand training

2. Brand Positioning

A winning brand positioning statement will match what consumers want with your brand’s strengths, always relative to your competitors. To win in the market, You want your brand to deliver on its functional and emotional benefits. 

Learn the four main points of brand positioning: who you serve, where you play, where you win, and why consumers should believe you. These are the consumer target, marketplace definition, consumer benefit, and support points. 

We start by determining how to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and what needs are most relevant for our audience. It’s important to learn how to gain a strong understanding of who they are, so you know how to address their needs. 

Learn to thoroughly analyze customer needs and turn your product features into functional and emotional consumer benefits.
You’ll feel more confident using our consumer benefits cheat sheets that cover 60 different functional benefits and 40 emotional benefits. Make decisions to summarize your brand positioning statement in a unique, ownable space that will resonate with potential customers. To support your final brand positioning statement, you should add some points and claims to back it up. 

Brand leaders learn how to develop a brand idea that influences how the brand is seen by any customer. Use the brand idea to organize all stakeholders who work with the brand. Turning your brand’s unique value proposition into a brand concept, story or credo can help steer the culture behind the brand.

Brand positioning skills we build through our marketing training

  • The best marketers define the ideal consumer target, framed with need states, consumer insights, and consumer enemies

  • Find the winning brand positioning space that is own-able and motivates consumers, summarized with a positioning statement

  • Develop a brand idea that can steer how the brand shows up to every consumer touchpoint, and organize those who deliver

  • Take a consumer-centric approach to turn brand features into functional and emotional consumer benefits

Our brand positioning toolkit we use in our brand training

3. Marketing Plans

A Marketing Plan is a decision-making tool to get everyone on the same page. You’ll learn how to create a vision, establish the purpose, identify key issues and develop the strategies to solve them. With this understanding of your brand objectives, you can formulate stategies and execution tactics. The Marketing Plan steers to everyone throughout the year.
We revisit our Strategic ThinkBox questions with an emphasis on translating your strategic thinking into key issues and strategic statements that can form the foundation of the brand plan.
It is an important skill to gain buy-in from senior management, but also from sales, agencies, and partners.
Brand leaders learn how to construct the best strategic presentation slides that comprise the foundation of their brand presentation. We provide PowerPoint templates that can help you with a brand plan presentation.
A successful marketing strategy is one that is executed well by all team members. Learn to embrace a 360° approach to create specific execution plans for your brand, especially communication, sales, innovation, and customer experience.

The marketing plan skills we build through our marketing training

  • The best marketers translate their smart, strategic thinking into key issues and strategic statements that form the foundation of the brand plan
  • Make decisions on all elements of a smart brand plan, including the vision, purpose, values, goals, issues, strategies, and tactics
  • Strong in writing and presenting the brand plan to senior management and across the organization—sales, agencies, partners
  • Able to develop smart execution plans—communication, sales/in-store, and innovation—that deliver against the brand strategies

Our marketing plan toolkit we use in our brand training

4. Marketing Execution

We show you how to make smarter decisions that lead to better creative execution, such as marketing and advertising.
Learn everything you need to know about the creative brief, how to give valuable feedback for better work, and how to make decisions on your marketing execution. Our decision-making process works for any marketing execution at the different stages of a purchase journey.
Write a creative brief that frames what you’re looking for from your experts, and trust them to bring your vision to life. We challenge you to be the best partner with your agencies, engage experts across your organization. Learn how to execute your strategies in a smart and creative way to grow your brand, by moving customers along their purchase journey and increase the bond with your customers.
We created our ‘advertising checklist’ to help identify the gaps in the ideas you see, and frame your feedback you give to the creative team. We support our advertising learning with case studies for you to practice giving feedback to a creative team. The tools and experience will give you a shot of confidence to lead the advertising process on your own brand.

The marketing execution skills we build through our marketing training

  • The best marketers exhibit leadership on any marketing execution project, including brand communication, innovation, purchase moment, or experience
  • Able to write strategic, focused, and thorough creative briefs to steer and inspire great work from experts
  • Partner with experts at agencies and throughout the organization to inspire greatness from the teams of experts
  • Make smart and creative decisions on execution that delivers the strategy and tightens the bond with consume

Our marketing execution toolkit we use in our brand training

5. Marketing Analytics

Have you ever wondered how your brand stacks up in the marketplace? It’s important to lead a deep-dive business review and see where you could be doing better. We show you the right questions to ask in order to get smarter about strategic thinking for your brand.
Learn how to dig in on your market for a macro view, looking at economic indicators, consumer behavior, technology, and political issues.
Assess your target audience, buying habits & preferences, consumer trends, and consumer insights you can use to market to them more effectively.
Next, you will learn how to assess potential channel customers. This includes major customers, the selling tools that are available to you, and all the sales programs.
Our courses teach you how to assess your competitors including their performance, innovation, pricing, distribution, and perceptions.
You will also learn about techniques to evaluate your own company’s brand including reputation scores, tracking results, and more.
Our marketing finance 101 training course teaches you how to evaluate the P&L, see how to manage revenue and costs, and cover all the key formulas marketers need to run a business.
We show you how to create the best possible slide deck and provide you with a template for a great presentation. With these, you’ll be able to get your strategic thinking straight when figuring out what will work best for your brand plan.

The marketing analytics skills we build through our marketing training

  • The best marketers understand all sources of brand data and knowledge—market share, brand funnel, consumption, qualitative, VOC, financials

  • Dig deep into data, draw out comparisons and insights, to build an analytical story that sets up a business problem

  • Write analytical performance reports that outline the strategic implications from in-market and sales performance

  • Able to lead a best-in-class 360-degree deep-dive business review for the brand that brings out the key issues to be solved

Our marketing analytics toolkit we use in our brand training

We offer our marketing training in three specific streams; consumer, healthcare, and B2B

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Our marketing training course menu

What our clients have to say about our marketing training

As a former marketer, I followed Graham for years and was just waiting for the right opportunity to introduce him and the Beloved Brands concepts to a broader audience at Bush Brothers. That happened for us in 2020 when he conducted a series of training sessions for the Marketing Team.
Though my colleagues can be a tough crowd to impress, Graham has received stellar marks from them. The entire department, from top to bottom, has been engaged with Graham's Beloved Brands books and materials.
Furthermore, the training concepts have positively impacted our business planning and internal communication processes. I highly recommend Graham
Brand Training
Robert Loggins
HR Manager, Bush Brothers Company
The team at Hearth and Home Technologies had the opportunity to work with Graham on Beloved Brands management and strategy planning. Graham went above and beyond to help us think about brand management differently.
During the course of four days we learned transformative skills that will help bring our portfolio of brands to the next level.
Graham makes learning fun while leading the conversation with relevant thought leadership.
He’s a valuable resource and a true partner in business. I would highly recommend Graham to any business looking to position and elevate brand strategy.
Brand Management Training
Jackie Schneider
VP Marketing, Hearth & Home Technologies
In all the training I’ve attended during my time at Hershey, I have never seen my colleagues stay so engaged throughout the day. I received feedback that they found the material to be spot on, delivering the right type of training and equipping us with the right tools.
Also, they found Graham to be an engaging and approachable presenter. I really appreciated how Graham brought his real life work experiences into the dialogue as it helped establish instant credibility.
Brand Training
Erin Grosberg
Marketing Excellence, Hershey’s
Beloved Brands created and delivered a custom training program to meet the developmental requirements of a diverse team of Marketers.
Graham puts the training in the context of their own businesses, resulting in the real-time application of the training modules. His philosophies push strategic thinking and get people to see the “what if” questions before jumping to solutions.
Graham challenges you to think differently making each Marketer better.
Marketing Training
Doug Rozon
Director of Marketing, Henkel

At Beloved Brands, we have worked with some of the best brands across many industries and around the world, including the NFL Players Association, Shell, National Geographic, Slack, the Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Alexion, Loblaws, Jack Links, Hershey’s, Capital One, Advil, Bush’s beans, 3M, Henkel, Shopper’s Drug Mart, the NBA, Reebok, Miller beer, Wise chips, and Honda. 

We have done work in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, the Maldives, China, and Thailand. 

Examples of our marketing training engagements

  • Led 3-day Bootcamp brand management training for a leading food company, coaching the brand team on strategic thinking, brand analytics and brand planning.
  • Delivered a 5-day Bootcamp brand management training for a leading beverage company, coaching the brand team on strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand plans, judging advertising and marketing analytics.
  • Led 2-day training program on finding consumer insights, and writing creative briefs for a major confectionary company.
  • Created a 2-day training session on creative briefs and judging advertising for a major grocery retailer. 
  • Created a five session lunch-and-learn program for an ad agency.
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Graham Robertson is one of the voices of today's brand leaders

Graham Robertson Beloved Brands

As the founder of Beloved Brands, Graham has been a brand advisor to the NFL Players Association, Shell, Pfizer, Honda, The Mayo Clinic and many other organizations.

He is known to assist leaders in defining your brand and figuring out the best possible future for your brand. Graham has trained some of the world’s best marketing teams. He will make your people smarter, and they’ll deliver their best possible performance on your brand.

Graham builds on his real-world marketing experience

Throughout his marketing career, Graham led some of the world’s most beloved brands at Coke, General Mills, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, rising up to VP Marketing. He has been recognized for his contributions in marketing by winning Marketing Magazine’s Marketer of the Year award, as well as four Effie advertising awards.

In 2020, Graham was ranked one of the top ten CMOs by The Silicon Review and in 2021, he was recognized as one of the most inspirational leaders in business by Tycoon Magazine.

He loves what he does and hopes that it shows

Graham shares his passion to challenge and inspire marketing minds around the world, whether speaking at Advertising Week, or at the NBA Summer League, or to a room full of marketers in Bangkok Thailand, or an agency in New York.

His bestselling book, Beloved Brands, is the playbook for how to build a brand that consumers will love. This playbook provides a step-by-step plan for any marketer who has to get things done and wants to set their brand up for success. Online reviews for Beloved Brands are overwhelmingly positive, with over 9 out of every 10 reviewers giving it a 5-star rating.

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Graham Robertson


Phone: 416 – 885 – 3911

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