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Is your marketing team falling short of your expectations?

If you are running a marketing team and you are frustrated by the quality of work you see from your team, our Beloved Brands Marketing Training will help. You might have smart people on your team who’ve never been properly trained in marketing fundamentals. When they are just not performing at their full potential, you know they need to be better.

I bring my experience as an ex-VP of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson, backed by years of brand management experience at General Mills and Coke. Our Marketing Training teaches how the best marketers use analytics, strategic thinking, brand plans, brand positioning, and marketing execution.

“Beloved Brands is the best marketing training that I’ve ever attended”

It is time to invest in our marketing training to make your team smarter so they produce better work and drive stronger results.

Beloved Brands Marketing Training

  • Comprehensive Marketing Skill Development: We train marketing teams in analytics, strategic thinking, brand plans, brand positioning, and smart execution. We ensure marketing execution decisions with creative advertising, media, in-store, and product innovation must generate a market impact and performance result.
  • Practical Learning Approach: Our Marketing Training offers hands-on, practical tools and methodologies that marketers can apply directly to their work, ensuring newly acquired skills are integrated into their daily routines for maximum impact.
  • Tailored Training Programs: We provide specialized training tailored to different business models, including Consumer, B2B, and Healthcare brands, focusing on unique challenges and opportunities to foster brand growth and leadership. Marketers learn best when they can see examples that look like the brand they are working on.

“In all the marketing training I’ve attended during my time at Hershey, I have never seen my colleagues stay so engaged throughout the day. Beloved Brands equipped our marketers with the right tools for their jobs."

Erin Grosberg,
Marketing Excellence, Hershey’s

It's time to invest in your marketing team

Our brand consulting will bring clarity to your brand and help build a plan for the future

"Graham Robertson steers people towards finding their own solutions and owning them. He doesn't just give people answers."

Beloved Brands Consulting Services

  • Strategic Brand Clarity Workshops: Engage in hands-on workshops that answer critical brand questions to avoid confusion and scattered investments. Our facilitation leads to clear brand positioning, strategic alignment, and a cohesive team action plan, essential for cutting through market noise and stimulating business growth.
  • Comprehensive Brand Definition and Positioning: We help you carve out a unique space in the market with a memorable seven-second brand articulation. By understanding your ideal consumer, we craft a balance of functional and emotional benefits to build a strong brand positioning, ensuring every stakeholder embodies a unified brand message.
  • Integrated Branding Tools and Execution Plans: Solidify your brand’s presence with a tailored brand idea that guides internal teams and external perception. Our deliverables include a detailed brand book, defining how to communicate your brand essence succinctly or elaborately, and ensuring consistent and influential brand interactions that drive consumer engagement and business performance.

“Graham asks the questions you should already have the answer to. But you didn’t even realize you didn’t know."

Rebecca Reppucci
Senior Director of Marketing, CST

It's time to define your brand and build a growth plan

Contact Info for Graham Robertson the author of Beloved Brands

What our clients have to say

I reached out to Beloved Brands while searching for a brand consultant to assist in the transformation of our brand and company culture. After just a few short days of working with Graham, he quickly understood our business model. He got our unique operating system and our cultural challenges. Graham is an incredible listener who has a talent for quickly synthesizing information. He steers people towards finding their own solutions and owning them instead of just giving people answers.
Brand Consulting
Keith Gordon
President, NFL Players Inc
Beloved Brands has helped Shell accelerate our journey towards building an emotional connection with our customers.
For Shell, the transformation from a traditional tactical-driven marketing approach to a brand and experience-driven marketing approach is enormous. It requires changes at all levels of the organization. As a brand consultant, Graham has been instrumental in enabling the change, and building long-lasting marketing competencies of our teams.
Brand Strategy
Gyongyver Menesi-Bondar​
Head of Marketing, Shell Asia-Pacific

Our track record features many iconic brands across a spectrum of industries. We’re proud to have served market leaders and innovators alike, from the athletic prowess of the NFL Players Association to the exploratory spirit of National Geographic. Our collaborations extend to healthcare giants such as the Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, and J&J.  We’ve fueled the strategic ambitions of tech-forward firms like Slack and Indeed. Our clientele also includes household names like Hershey’s, Miller beer, and Honda.

Our reach extends to 30 countries internationally, having executed projects across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Beloved Brands Client List for Marketing Training and Brand Strategy

Our brand templates will elevate your brand strategy presentations

Discover the secrets of effective brand strategy with slides designed by an ex-VP of Marketing at Johnson & Johnson.

Based on my marketing career at the highest levels of brand management at J&J, Coke, and General Mills. I designed our brand templates based on what I used to present my brand strategy to senior executives. And, as a brand consultant, I still use these slides on many of the world’s best brands. Our templates are perfect for brand managers, founders, and brand consultants who want to make an impactful presentation that impresses any boss or client.

We include template PowerPoint presentations for:

  • Brand plans
  • Brand positioning
  • Business reviews
  • Creative briefs
  • Marketing plan

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Our brand templates will enable you to run your brand

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