We help build brands that consumers love
and we make marketing teams smarter.

Brand Consulting.

We help build brands that consumers love, so you can unlock future brand growth. We will help you create a brand positioning statement, build a marketing plan, align your marketing execution and conduct a deep-dive assessment of your brand’s performance.

Marketing Training

Our marketing training will help realize the full potential of your marketing team. Learn strategic thinking methods to help come up with a brand positioning statement, write marketing plans, make execution decisions and use marketing analytics.

Our Beloved Brands book

I wrote Beloved Brands as the playbook for how to build brand that consumers love. You will learn everything you need to run a brand or marketing team. You can find it on Amazon, Apple Books or Kobo.

Brand Positioning

Help create a brand positioning statement that will motivate consumers to buy, and gives your brand an ownable competitive advantage.

Strategic Planning

Build a marketing plan that forces you to make smart, focused decisions to help organize, steer, and inspire your team towards higher growth.

Marketing Execution

Align your marketing execution behind a brand idea that tightens your bond with consumers and moves them along their buying journey.

What our clients say

I reached out to Beloved Brands  while searching for a strategic consultant to assist in the transformation of our brand and company culture. After just a few short days of working with Graham, he was able to quickly understand our business model, as well as our unique operating system and cultural challenges. He's an incredible listener who has a talent for quickly synthesizing information and steering people towards finding their own solutions and owning them as opposed to just giving people answers.

Keith Gordon
President, NFL Players Inc.

Beloved Brands has helped us accelerate our journey towards building emotional connection with our customers. The journey of transformation from a traditional tactical driven marketing approach to a Brand and Experience Driven marketing approach is enormous and requires changes at all levels of the organization. Graham has been instrumental to enable the change, building long-lasting marketing competencies of our teams. He spent time with our diverse Asia teams. He has been one of us, understanding our business, our challenges, and able to quickly connect with relevant examples and stories.

Gyongyver Menesi-Bondar
Head of Marketing Strategy, Shell Asia Pacific

The team at Hearth and Home Technologies had the opportunity to work with Graham on Beloved Brands management and strategy planning. Graham went above and beyond to help us think about brand management differently. During the course of four days we learned transformative skills that will help bring our portfolio of brands to the next level. Graham makes learning fun while leading the conversation with relevant thought leadership. He’s a valuable resource and a true partner in business. I would highly recommend Graham to any business looking to position and elevate brand strategy.

Jackie Schneider
Director of Marketing at Hearth and Home Technologies

Graham Roberston asks simple questions that you never realized you don’t have one answer to as a team. Graham spent a few days with a cross-functional team at Cell Signaling Technology and took us through his brand framework asking us clarifying questions along the way. The most powerful question he asked us was “who is your best customer.” It was like all the air had been sucked out of the room and he allowed the dramatic pause to linger. When people began to attempt to answer we weren’t aligned but at that moment we saw the opportunity to move from a product-centric organization to one that is more customer focused. I highly recommend Graham to any organization looking to move their brand forward.

Rebecca Reppucci
Director of Marketing Communications

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