At Beloved Brands, we help you find new growth for your brand and we make your brand team smarter.  

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Everyone should know what your brand should stands for, including every customer, employee, or partner. As a brand consultant, we make sure that everyone on your team knows the strategies that you invest in and know their role in delivering those strategies.  

We help define your brand and map out the best possible future for your brand

At Beloved Brands, we start by defining your ideal consumer, and build a brand positioning that is balanced with functional and emotional benefits, create a brand idea you can stand behind. 
We help you make decisions in building a strategic brand plan that everyone in your company can follow. 

We believe the best answers are inside you. Our role as a brand consultant is to help you uncover those answers and make them smarter.  

Our brand training program will make your marketing team smarter, so they make the right decisions and produce exceptional work that leads to higher growth for the brands they work on. 

We make your people smarter so they deliver their best possible performance on your brand

At Beloved Brands, we train marketers on the best ways to think, define, plan, execute and analyze. 

Your marketing team will learn how to think strategically, how to define your brand positioning, how to write a strategic brand plan, how to make smart, creative decisions on advertising, and how to analyze your brand. 

Our Beloved Brands marketing excellence program makes brand leaders smarter to help them reach their full potential so they will deliver stronger growth on their brands. 

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What our clients have to say

I reached out to Beloved Brands while searching for a brand consultant to assist in the transformation of our brand and company culture. After just a few short days of working with Graham, he quickly understood our business model, our unique operating system, and our cultural challenges. Graham is an incredible listener who has a talent for quickly synthesizing information and steering people towards finding their own solutions and owning them instead of just giving people answers.
Brand Consulting
Keith Gordon
President, NFL Players Inc
Beloved Brands has helped Shell accelerate our journey towards building an emotional connection with our customers. For Shell, the transformation from a traditional tactical driven marketing approach to a Brand and Experience-Driven marketing approach is enormous and requires changes at all levels of the organization. As a brand consultant, Graham has been instrumental in enabling the change, building long-lasting marketing competencies of our teams.
Brand Strategy
Gyongyver Menesi-Bondar​
Head of Marketing, Shell Asia-Pacific
Beloved Brands Consulting Training

At Beloved Brands, we have worked with some of the best brands across many industries and around the world, including the NFL Players Association, Shell, National Geographic, Slack, the Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Alexion, Loblaws, Jack Links, Hershey’s, Capital One, Advil, Bush’s beans, 3M, Henkel, Shopper’s Drug Mart, the NBA, Reebok, Miller beer, Wise chips, and Honda. 

We have done work in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, the Maldives, China, and Thailand. 

brand templates

Our brand management templates reflect the work we do as a brand consultant. We include template PowerPoint presentations for:

  • brand plans
  • brand positioning
  • business reviews

Our brand templates will enable you to run your brand

With each brand management template, we have blank slides with key definitions and completed slides using relevant brand case studies. You can put them all together in our brand toolkits. 

We have brand template options for consumer-facing brands, B2B, and healthcare. 

Beloved Brands is the playbook to keep at your fingertips

Our readers tell us they reach for Beloved Brands a few times each week as a reference toolkit to help them with the day-to-day management of their brand.

To start, we will challenge you with questions that get you to think differently about your brand strategy. Then, we take you through our process for defining your brand positioning. 

The brand playbook to keep at your fingertips

Next, we will show you how to write a brand plan that everyone can follow.  

Moreover, we will show you how to run the creative advertising process. 

Finally, you will learn new methods to analyze the performance of your brand with a deep-dive business review.

Beloved Brands has spent many weeks on the bestseller list for brand management books, with over 90% of reviewers giving Beloved Brands a 5-star rating. 


Brand consulting

Meet Graham Robertson

For over a decade, Graham has been a brand advisor to the NFL Players Association, Jack Links, Shell, Reebok, Honda, The Mayo Clinic, Miller beer, and Pfizer. 

Throughout his marketing career, Graham led some of the world’s most beloved brands at Coke, General Mills, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, rising up to VP Marketing. 

Graham started Beloved Brands to help brands find new growth and make brand leaders smarter

Graham has won numerous awards including Marketing Magazine’s “Marketer of the Year”, BusinessWeek’s best new product award, and four Effie advertising awards. 

In 2020, Graham was named one of 10 Best CMOs to Watch by the prestigious Silicon Review. And in 2021, Graham was named one of the most influential leaders by Tycoon Magazine.

Contact Information

Graham Robertson


Phone: 416 – 885 – 3911