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As brand consultants, we use our unique brand playbook tools to push you to think differently and open you up to see new possibilities for your brand. 

Everyone on your team must describe your brand in the same way–every executive, employee, and partner. We will help define a brand positioning that your consumers will love, summarized by a brand idea that serves as your 7-second pitch. Everyone must know their specific role in delivering the brand to the consumers. 

We will build a strategic brand plan that everyone can follow, using the plan as a decision-making tool to force you to focus on the activities that win over consumers and eliminate the unimportant opportunities that get in your way. 

As a brand consultant, we will help you find new growth by creating a brand your consumers will love. We will help define your ideal consumer, build a brand positioning that is balanced with functional and emotional benefits, find a brand idea you can stand behind, and write a strategic brand plan that everyone in your company can follow. 

Our brand management training program will challenge brand leaders to think, define, plan, execute, and analyze, always focused on driving brand growth. With 20 years working on many of the world’s best brands, I will teach you everything I know. You will have access to the high quality training the best companies receive. 

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With our brand training program, we promise to make brand leaders smarter. We teach how to think strategically, how to define your brand positioning, how to write a brand plan, make decisions on advertising and how to analyze your brand. 

What our clients have to say

Beloved Brands is the playbook to keep at your fingertips

Our readers tell us they reach for Beloved Brands a few times each week as a reference toolkit to help them with the day-to-day management of their brand. 

  • We will challenge you with questions that get you to think differently about your brand strategy. 
  • Our process for defining your brand positioning will open your mind to new possibilities for how you see your brand. 
  • We will show you how to write a brand plan that everyone can follow. Make sure all stakeholders know precisely how they can contribute to your brand’s success. 
  • We will show you how to run the creative execution process, show you how to write an inspiring brief, and make decisions to find both smart and breakthrough work. 
  • You will learn new methods to analyze the performance of your brand with a deep-dive business review. 

Over 90% of our Amazon reviews receive five-star ratings, and Beloved Brands has spent numerous weeks as a #1 bestseller in brand management. 

Explore all our brand management toolkits

Our brand management toolkits include PowerPoint presentation templates for brand plans, brand positioning, brand reviews, and creative briefs. Essentially, our brand management templates reflect the tools in our brand playbooks, Beloved Brands, and B2B Brands.  

To help, we start with blank slides with key definitions. Then, we add a completed PowerPoint slide presentation using our relevant brand case studies, Gray’s Cookies for a consumer brand, and Gray’s stage lighting for a B2B brand. 

Graham Robertson Brand Consultant

Our Beloved Brands playbook will help you build a brand your consumers will love. Learn how to think, define, plan, execute, and analyze.