The most beautiful Apple store locations in the world

The most beautiful Apple Store locations have become tourist attractions around the world. The cube on 5th avenue in New York City is one of the most iconic Apple stores. With hundreds of Apple retail stores worldwide, we can now see so many beautiful Apple store locations. Paris. Milan. New York. LA. Shanghai, and Singapore. […]

The best way to write goals for your business

Writing goals are an essential part of running your business. We usually achieve what we think we can achieve. Your goals should have a balance of stretch and reality. In short, use your brand vision to push a little beyond your comfort level and achieve beyond what you expect. You will hear the term smart goals. […]

Write your Creative Brief to define and inspire the best creative work

I wish everyone would stop writing ugly creative briefs. Most importantly, the creative brief is a crucial way for brand leaders to control the strategy. On the other hand, make sure you give freedom on execution to the experts who execute. Too many marketers have this backward, preferring to give freedom on strategy with various […]

Using in-the-box creativity keeps the marketing execution on strategy

The best creative marketing ideas come through in-the-box creativity using problem solving where the box is your brand strategy. Alternatively, save your blue sky out-of-the-box thinking for random inventions or the launch of a new brand. This in-the-box creativity can be used for any marketing communications including advertising, point of purchase, or B2B marketing. As […]

The Ferrari brand sells nearly as much merchandise as cars

Ferrari is one of the most desired luxury car brands in the world. To Italians around the world, the Ferrari brand screams the passion they hold for the Italian culture. As other brands hope to claim their value by selling more, They make their money by actually selling fewer cars. This is a great case […]

Go beyond Porter’s Model to understand the 8 sources of power

When I was in business school, I learned about Michael Porter’s model as a way to understand the five forces that outline an industry attractiveness and competitive intensity. Porter’s Model a great starting point to get you to think more strategically and how you can win through power. However, I want to show you how […]

The best brands are able to answer these 5 questions

The best brands have a well-defined brand positioning statement that helps build the brand’s reputation over time. They know their best customers better than their competitors. And, they have a smart strategic plan so that everyone on the team knows how they contribute the business success. They line up their investments against the strategies that […]

Engage the stages of learning to take on new marketing skills

As you go through your Marketing career, there is a repetitive nature, as we tend to work on the same essential types of work streams over and over. There are stages of learning as we continue to build our collection of marketing skills. We try, repeat, tweak, improve, and perfect. And then we share those […]

Marketing budget cuts are coming. Time to make smart decisions.

When your finance manager comes over and tells you to freeze your marketing budget for the rest of the year, don’t be that marketer who whines and complains that it just can’t be done. Don’t show them charts from the past 100 years of the last 8 recessions. Don’t show them an article that says […]

Understand your business situation before making your next move

A smart brand strategy is a smart business strategy. Before moving towards a plan, you must understand the business situation you face. In this article, I will outline four distinct business situations your brand could face: Fuel the momentum, Fix it, Realignment, and a Start-up.  You are running a live business, with a need to drive […]