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A brand positioning statement starts with the consumer target your brand will serve. And, it should focus on the emotional and functional benefits your brand will stand for. Finally, brands need to find that space that moves consumers to drive growth and is ownable for your brand. 

Most importantly, a smart brand plan gets everyone on the same page. So, we have a one-page brand plan to help. That way, everyone drives against the same vision, key issues, strategies, and tactics. We show how to write every element of your brand plan.  

Every brand should have a brand strategy roadmap that includes the vision, purpose, values, key issues, strategies, and tactics. As well, our roadmap layers in the brand idea to deliver a consistent brand across the five consumer touchpoints.

I will show you how to write a brand concept that uses the brand idea, consumer insights, functional and emotional consumer benefits, and support points. Furthermore, I will provide a brand concept example for you to follow.

At every level of your marketing career, you have to adjust to the new role. Brand Managers fail when they keep acting like ABMs and Directors fail when they keep acting like Brand Managers and VPs fail when they don’t know what to do.  In a classic marketing team, the four key roles are Assistant Brand Manager up to Brand Manager then up to Marketing Director and on to the VP/CMO role.

A classic brand funnel would measure awareness, familiar, consider, purchase, repeat and loyal. They tell you where your brand is now, and when analyzed with intelligence, brand funnels can provide hints as to  where you can go next. The brand funnel analysis can help you determine where your brand sits on the brand love curve, as it moves through five stages: unknown, indifferent, like it, love it, and onto the beloved brand status. 

While good marketers can run brands and marketing programs. Great marketers can drive their brands P&L and deliver growth and profit for their brands. Here are  eight ways the Brand Leader can drive profits: 1) premium pricing 2) trading the consumer up or down 3) lower product cost 4) efficient marketing costs 5) stealing other users 6) getting current users to use more 7) enter new categories 8) create new Uses for your brand 

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