Your #1 New Year’s Resolution should be to make your people better

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If you are looking for a personal New Years resolution, you can try to quit smoking or take up yoga.  But if you’re searching for that next big leadership move:  Focus this year on making your people better. The better the people, the better the work gets and in turn the better the results get.  Having better people will make you a better overall leader.  

The greatest myth of marketing is that it is 100% learned on the job. That was likely started in the 90’s as corporations began cutting back on training–that’s really the last time that marketers received the training they needed.

Being a great Brand Leader takes a balance of coaching from a well-trained leader, teaching in a class room setting and learning on the job.Too many times, courses are more for leadership  and less for marketing.That makes for great leaders that are bad marketers. More and more, we are seeing marketing teams thrust new marketers into their roles without any training at all. In fact, their bosses and even their bosses boss likely hasn’t really received any training. So who is really teaching you, on the job, if the person with you isn’t well-trained? Who is training you how to do a positioning statement, how to write a brief, writing brand plans and how to give feedback to an ad agency? Without these marketing fundamentals, how can you have a team of great marketers?

As you move up, you start to realize that you can’t do everything, and you’re really only as good as your team. The thing I’ve always said is that better people create better work and that means better results. The question you should be asking is are they good enough? Maybe it’s time to invest in making your people better, so that you can be freed up for more leadership, higher level strategic thinking and focusing on driving the vision of the team, rather than caught in the weeds of re-writing copy on a coupon.

As the Leader, here are 3 key questions to be asking your:

  1. Does your team of brand leaders think strategically and can they turn that thinking into a brand plan everyone can follow?
  2. Are they doing the deep dive Analytics needed and can they turn that thinking into an analytical story that everyone understands?
  3. Are they able to get brand communication into the market that can establish a winning brand positioning and drive the sales and profit needed?

How strategic is your team?

Strategic thinking is not just whether you are smart or not. You can be brilliant and not strategic at all. Strategic Thinkers see “what if” questions before they see solutions. They map out a range of decision trees that intersect and connect by imagining how events will play out. They reflect and plan before they act. Slide1They are thinkers and planners who can see connections. On the other hand, Non Strategic Thinkers see answers before questions. They opt for action over thinking, believing that doing something is better than doing nothing. They are impulsive and doers who see tasks. With the explosion of marketing media, we are seeing too many of the new Brand Leaders becoming action-oriented do-ers and not strategic thinkers. They don’t connect their actions to maximizing the results on the brand. They do cool stuff they like not strategic things that help grow the business and add profit to the Brand. I see too many of today’s Brand Leaders focused on activity, rather than strategy. In terms of strategy, what you want for your team is to ensure they know:

  • How to THINK STRATEGICALLY, helping them to make focused choices on the pathway to their vision.
  • The role of BRAND STRATEGY in creating a bond, power and profit, beyond what the product itself could achieve.
  • The THREE TYPES OF STRATEGY including consumer, competitive and situational strategy.
  • How to create BRAND PLANS that everyone in your organization can follow.

Here’s a powerpoint workshop we run for brand leaders to make them better Strategic Thinkers and write better Brand Plans.  We coach Brand Leaders to think more strategically, looking at brand, consumer, competitive, and situational strategy, helping them to create brand plans everyone can follow.

How analytical is your team?

How good is your team’s analytical thinking? I hate when brand leaders do that “surface cleaning” type analysis. I call it surface cleaning when you find out that someone is coming to your house in 5 minutes so you just take everything that’s on a counter and put it in a drawer really quickly. I can tell very quickly when someone doesn’t dig deep on analysis. When it comes to analytical thinking you need to make sure that your Brand Leaders have: 

  • Principles of Good Analytics Gain more support for your analysis by telling Slide1analytical stories through data.
  • Health and Wealth of the Brand Assess brand situation looking category, consumer, channels, brand and competitors
  • Analytical stories get Decision Makers to “what do you think” stage Analysis turns fact into insight and data breaks form the story that sets up strategic choices.
    Turn analytical thinking into projections Extrapolating data into the future, starts with what you are see in the current.
  • Monthly Brand Report Keep everyone on the team informed, engaged and aware of the strategic thinking

Here’s a powerpoint workshop we run to help Brand Leaders be better at Analytical Thinking and help them to create better Analytical Stories.  We coach Brand Leader on the principles of good analysis, how to assess health and wealth of the brand and turning your analytical thinking into strategic stories, projections and reports.

How good is your team at Advertising?

How good is your team’s Advertising and Marketing Communications into the market?  Can your Brand Leaders write a Creative Brief? The best Advertising is well planned, not some random creative thing that happens. Slide1The value of a creative brief is focus! Like a good positioning statement, you’re taking everything you know and everything you could possibly say, and starting to make choices on what will give you the greatest return on your media dollars. If you’re not making choices then you’re not making decisions. Unlike other creativity, advertising is “In the Box” creativity. Making great advertising is very hard. Good marketers make it look simple, but they have good solid training and likely some good solid experience. As Brand Leaders sit in the room, looking at new advertising ideas, most are ill-prepared as to how to judge what makes good advertising and what makes bad. In terms of Advertising, it’s crucial that your team know:

  • The crucial role of the BRAND LEADER in getting amazing Advertising
  • How to write a tightly focused ADVERTISING STRATEGY to set up a Brief that delivers great work
  • How to make ADVERTISING DECISIONS so you can choose great ads and reject bad ads
  • How to provide COPY DIRECTION that inspires and challenges to get great Advertising

Here’s a powerpoint workshop we run for brand leaders Brand Leaders to help make them better at getting effective Advertising on their brands. We look at the role Brand Leader, in developing advertising strategy, making decisions and giving effective direction to an agency.

The better your people, the better the work which means the better the results 

At Beloved Brands, we run a Brand Leadership Center to train marketers in all aspects of marketing from strategic thinking, analysis, writing brand plans, creative briefs and reports, judging advertising and media. To see a workshop on THE BRAND LEADERSHIP CENTER, click on the Powerpoint presentation below:

We make Brands better.

We make Brand Leaders better.™

We offer brand coaching, where we promise to make your brand better by listening to the issues, providing advice that challenges you, and coaching you along a strategic pathway to reaching your brand’s full potential. For our brand leader training, we promise to make your team of brand leaders better, by teaching sound marketing fundamentals and challenging to push for greatness so that they can unleash their full potential. Feel free to add me on Linked In, or follow me on Twitter at @belovedbrands If you need to contact me, email me at or phone me at 416 885 3911


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