Lululemon: A beloved brand with yoga at the core

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Lululemon is quickly becoming a Beloved Brand, with an extremely loyal following that love not only how the brand makes them feel (healthy, comfortable, free) but also love the product which is reliable, ethical and of a high quality.


At the core of Lulu’s Brand DNA is Yoga. Yoga has a balance of rational and emotional benefits–and Lulu shares most of those same balances.  And now, there’s a growing movement in Ottawa with free Yoga on Canada’s Parliament Hill that has attracted crowds of up to 1,000 people so far with a goal of reaching 5,000 on August 15, 2012. What a great event.

Instructors come from the local Lululemon store and encourage yogis of all skill.

The idea started six years ago as a true grass-roots movement with six people taking their yoga mats up to Parliament Hill.  Classes are every Wednesday, from 12 noon to 1pm throughout the summer.  So get out there!

Every Lululemon store offers free yoga classes.  They close down the store, throw down the mats and go to it.  Lulu has also come up with innovative “pop up” Yoga classes and has an on-line program called “Gift of Yoga” with 20 minute yoga class videos on you tube.

Lululemon has been staying true to the Brand DNA and has carefully expanded the brand without going too far, too fast.  As a result of being authentic the brand, Lulu has managed to connect powerfully with their consumers. Without a lot of advertising spend, Lulu’s success comes from word-of-mouth and experience with the brand.  That makes events like the Parliament Hill yoga classes even more powerful.   With revenue at $1 Billion, more than double two years ago and four times the size it was back in 2008.   While most brands expand with a focus on revenue now and profits later, Lulu has done it the smart way, seeing profit margins going up steadily during the growth, going from 13% in 2010 up to 18.3% in 2012.  That’s a sign of a powerfully connected brand and intelligent brand expansion that other brands can learn from.




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