Get our Healthcare Brand Positioning presentation template which you can now get in a downloadable PowerPoint file.

To start, you will get slides for target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and a creative brief. 

As well, we provide formatted blank slides with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand positioning. In addition, we provide a full example using Gray’s QuitFix, a product to help quit smoking. To help you with our brand positioning presentation template, everything is organized and ready for your input.

Our healthcare brand positioning presentation template

I have seen brand positioning presentations get out of control when there are too many slides in your presentation and there is no clear structure. 

When a brand presentation gets complicated and loses its clarity it can be difficult to watch. That’s when senior management raises objections and questions your plan.

We have created an ideal Healthcare Brand Positioning template with the best way to show the target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and a creative brief.

$99.99 USD

The dual focus of speaking with consumers/patients and speaking with the medical professionals

We provide separate templates for the consumer target and medical target, and separate templates for a direct-to-consumer/patient creative brief and a brief to medical professionals. 

Healthcare brand positioning template
healthcare medical brief

Learn about Brand Positioning

To find your ideal brand positioning statement, you want to find the space that is most motivating to consumers. And, find the space that is most ownable for your brand. Our brand positioning statement process starts with a defined consumer target your brand will serve. Then, we focus on the emotional and functional benefits that differentiate your brand. Further, we use support points to help differentiate your brand from competitors.

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