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If you are running a business-to-business (B2B) brand or you are a consultant looking after clients, our B2B Brand Plan has ideal B2B slides for vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, brand positioning statement, and execution plans. We have created formatted blank slides with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own B2B brand plan. And, we provide a fully completed version using Gray’s Lighting. Also, you will get access to our one-page B2B brand plan and our one-page B2B Brand Strategy Roadmap.


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Get your ideal B2B Brand Plan template with formatted PowerPoint slides with sections for you to fill in your own B2B brand plan.

The slides in our B2B Brand Plan presentation template cover the brand vision, purpose, analysis detail, key issues and strategies for your brand. Get access to our unique one-pagers for your B2B Brand Strategy Roadmap and B2B Brand Plan templates to make sure everyone is on the same page. We offer you an easy way to lay out your analysis, which includes a forecast for sales, a look at your finances and an activity calendar of all of your key engagements. You will also get slides for your brand positioning and execution plans. These execution plans cover marketing communications, innovation, and sales. 

B2B Brand Plan template

I have seen brand plan presentations get out of control when there are too many slides in your presentation and there is no clear structure. When a brand plan presentation gets complicated and loses its clarity it can be difficult to watch. That’s when senior management raises objections and questions your plan.

To illustrate, click on the B2B Brand Plan presentation slides above.

One page brand plan for B2B

Get access to our one-pagers

A clear brand strategy can ensure that you accomplish what you set out to do. Our Brand Plan powerpoint template has a one-page Brand Strategy Roadmap for your long term goals as well as a one-page Brand Plan for short-term performance. That’ll make sure everything is planned out and on track. Having one-pagers allows everyone who works on the brand know what they need to deliver.

To illustrate, zoom in to see details. 

To illustrate, zoom in to see details. 

To illustrate, zoom in to see details. 

To illustrate, zoom in to see details. 

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Marketing Skills

Learn about brand plans

A strategic brand plan gets everyone on the same page, including senior management, sales, product development, customer service and your agency partners. So, we have a one-page brand plan to help. That way, everyone drives against the same vision, key issues, strategies, and tactics. Throughout this article, I will show how to write a brand plan, with a few brand plan examples. And, we have a brand plan template you can purchase.  


Brand Management Mini MBA certificate

If you are looking to solidify your marketing skills, our Brand Management Mini MBA will teach you about strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand plans, advertising decisions, and marketing analytics.

With our Mini MBA, you get 36 training videos that allows you to learn on your own schedule.

We provide chapters of our playbook ‘Beloved Brands’ and workbooks to complete the exercises in real-time. Once you master the skills, you can use our Brand Toolkit ($200 value) which includes every slide you need to run your brand. 

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