B2B Brand Positioning template (PowerPoint)


Get our B2B Brand Positioning presentation template in a downloadable PowerPoint file.

  • We include slides for target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and a creative brief. Everything is organized and ready for your input.
  • The B2B Brand Positioning template includes formatted blank slides with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand positioning work.
  • You will find a fully completed example, using Gray’s Stage Lighting.
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We provide a fully completed version of our B2B brand positioning template. To start, you will see slides for a B2B customer target profile, brand positioning statement, brand idea, brand concept, brand values, brand story, brand credo, and a creative brief. 

You can use this B2B Brand Positioning presentation template to kickstart the development of a brand book, to brief your agencies, and to gain alignment across your organization. 


Writing a brand positioning statement

There are 4 elements that make up a brand positioning statement. Start with who will you serve. Then, where you play, and where will you win. Follow it up with why consumers should believe you. 

1. Who is the consumer target?

To start, define slice of the population is the most motivated by what your brand offers? Do not just think about who you want, but rather who wants your brand.

2. Where will you play?

Next, consider the competitive set that defines the space in the market your brand competes in? Brand positioning is always relative to who you compete against. For instance, a brand is never fast. But, it should be faster.

3. Where will you win?

Most importantly, what is the main promise you will make to the consumer target? It should make your brand stand out as interesting, simple, unique, motivating and own-able. Do not talk about what you do. (features) Talk about what the consumer gets (functional benefits). And, talk about how the brand makes them feel. (emotional benefits)

4. Why should they believe us?

Finally, lay out the support points and features are needed to back up the main promise. Moreover, these support points should close any potential doubts, questions or concerns the consumer has after hearing the main promise.

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