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Brand Plan template

Need to create an amazing brand plan presentation? Our Brand Plan template has every slide you need.

Our Brand Plan template covers all essentials for effective communication of your vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, brand positioning statement, and execution plans. Moreover, we provide blank PowerPoint slides, allowing for seamless insertion of your own brand plan, and a fully completed Brand Plan example to follow. As well, you’ll get our one-page Brand Plan and one-page Brand Strategy Roadmap.

This Brand Plan is perfect for consumer brands, but we’ve also created specific versions to cater to retail brands, B2B brands, and healthcare brands.


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Description of what is included

Our Brand Plan template comes with formatted PowerPoint slides that allows you to create your own brand plan presentation.

Streamline your brand plan presentation creation process with our user-friendly template. It offers a concise structure for showcasing your brand’s vision, purpose, analysis, strategies, tactics, and execution plans. Consequently, your presentation remains focused, preventing the audience from feeling overwhelmed by excessive slides. This design ensures effective communication and stakeholder reception of your brand plan.

Incorporating over 20 slides, our template covers brand positioning and execution plans, spanning marketing communications, innovation, and sales. Furthermore, you’ll gain access to unique one-pagers for the Brand Strategy Roadmap and Brand Plan, promoting team alignment. 

The template also features simple formats for presenting your analysis, including sales forecasts, financial overviews, and an activity calendar for crucial engagements. Impress your team and stakeholders with a clear, comprehensive brand plan outlining your strategy and actionable steps, all at a competitive price.

Gain access to our streamlined one-page Brand Plan and one-page Brand Strategy Roadmap

Featuring a one-page Brand Strategy Roadmap, our Brand Plan template addresses long-term objectives. Additionally, a one-page Brand Plan focuses on short-term performance. These one-pagers guarantee well-planned, on-track progress, simplifying responsibilities and deliverables for everyone involved. Ultimately, this template is perfect for crafting a cohesive, effective brand strategy that drives goal achievement.

To illustrate, click on any of the Brand Plan PowerPoint slides. 

Examples of the slides we include in the Brand Plan template

Vision, purpose and values

Brand Plan template vision page
Brand Plan Template
brand plan template

Key issues and strategies

brand plan template
Brand Plan Brand Toolkit
brand plan template strategy page

Marketing execution plans

brand plan template
Innovation Plan for your Brand Plan or marketing plan
Sales Plan or retail plan for your Brand Plan or marketing plan

Brand templates for consumer brands

Elevate your brand strategy with our powerful templates.

  • Our brand toolkit for consumer brands is our most comprehensive template helps you communicate your brand plans, brand positioning, business review and creative briefs.
  • Our brand plan template  offers slides for vision, purpose, analysis, key issues, strategies, and execution plans, ensuring a thorough approach to your brand’s development. 
  • The brand positioning template guides you through defining your target profile, crafting a brand positioning statement, and developing a unique brand idea, concept, values, story, credo, and creative brief. 
  • Finally, our business review template provides slides for in-depth analysis of the marketplace, customers, competitors, channels, and your brand.

Choose the right template for your business needs

Marketing Plans for consumer brands

Combining strategic slides for insightful planning and marketing execution slides for seamless implementation, our templates are designed to propel your brand towards success and help you make a lasting impact in the market.

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