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Undoubtedly, our purpose at Beloved Brands is to support ambitious brand managers striving to enhance their marketing and brand management skills. Our primary goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to unlock your full career potential. You’ll gain insights into strategic thinking, brand positioning, brand planning, marketing execution, and marketing analytics. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and templates to streamline your work, structured processes to follow, and thought-provoking ideas to stimulate your creativity in brand management and marketing.

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The fundamentals of marketing matter

Our Beloved Brands marketing training programs cover different streams to suit the type of marketer you are. For instance, our marketing training covers consumer marketing, B2B marketing, and Healthcare marketing. 

Our marketing training programs are not just about theory. We equip ambitious marketers with practical skills in strategic thinking, brand positioning, marketing execution, and more. 

Importantly, investing in our marketing training program will help your team gain the marketing skills they need to succeed. You will undoubtedly see your people make smarter decisions and produce exceptional work that drives business growth. 

Finally, I wrote our Beloved Brands playbook to help you build a brand your consumers will love. If you are a B2B marketer, try our B2B Brands playbook. And, if you are a Healthcare Marketer, try our Healthcare Brands playbook.

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Everything a Marketing must know about.

Importantly, Brand leaders need to know how to think, define, plan, execute and analyze with the best of them. Moreover, while the brand leaders don’t really know how to do anything, they are looked upon to make every decision. Have a look at our five minute video on everything a marketer must know. To read more, click on this link: Everything.

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How to figure out your Brand Positioning Statement

Trust our step-by-step process for how to figure out your brand positioning statement.

Uncover the perfect brand positioning statement by identifying the most compelling and unique space for your brand. Our process begins by defining your target consumer and identifying the emotional and functional benefits that set your brand apart. We then solidify your brand’s distinctiveness by utilizing support points to differentiate it from competitors.

How to write a Marketing Plan

Learn from our step-by-step process for how to write a marketing plan everyone can follow.

Align your entire team, from senior management to agency partners, with a comprehensive marketing plan. Our plan ensures that everyone is working towards the same vision, key issues, strategies and tactics. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a marketing plan, including many marketing plan examples and a template available for purchase. We have a 20 page PowerPoint presentation and a one-page Marketing Plan template. 

A Brand Strategy Roadmap to steer your brand’s future

Build up your marketing skills by learning how to write a brand strategy roadmap.

Establish a clear direction for your brand with our Brand Strategy Roadmap, outlining the vision, purpose, values, key issues, strategies, and tactics. Furthermore, our roadmap includes the brand idea to ensure consistency across all five consumer touchpoints.

Brand strategy Roadmap Example

Write unique Brand Concepts that move consumers to purchase

Writing brand concepts is a fundamental skill that every marketer must know.

Only a fool would start writing a brand concept without doing the necessary homework. Avoid costly mistakes by thoroughly researching and understanding your brand before creating a concept. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to effectively craft a brand concept using the brand idea, consumer insights, functional and emotional benefits, and support points. Our process can also be applied to product concepts. Additionally, we will provide examples of successful brand concepts. Consider your brand concept as a concise and impactful message, similar to a 30-second TV ad or digital billboard, and stay focused on your key messages. A haphazard approach will lead to little chance of success.

brand concept examples product concept

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Dissecting the good and bad of the Creative Brief

Build your marketing skills as we go through line-by-line of the creative brief.

The creative brief is a vital tool for brand leaders to guide strategy while allowing creative experts the freedom to execute. Too often, marketers prioritize creative control over strategic guidance, resulting in a cluttered and restrictive brief. We will demonstrate how to effectively communicate your brand’s strategy and goals through our creative brief template.

The good and bad of the creative brief

Marketing funnels are the smartest way to assess your brand’s health

Learn how to use marketing funnels to assess your brand and build into your plan.

A classic marketing funnel tracks progress through the stages of awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, repeat, and loyalty. Utilize this data to gain insight on where your brand stands and where it can improve. Analyze these metrics in relation to the Brand Love Curve, which consists of five stages: unknown, indifferent, like it, love it, and beloved status.

Marketing Funnel Analysis

Marketing Finance 101: Eight simple ways to drive brand profit

Managing the brand profitability is an essential skill for brand management.

Failure to effectively manage the profitability of your brand will impede your success in the long run. Great marketers not only manage brands and marketing efforts, but also drive profits through tactics such as setting premium prices, targeting different consumer segments, reducing product costs, optimizing marketing expenses, acquiring competitors’ customers, increasing usage among current customers, expanding into new markets, and developing new uses for the brand.

Manage your marketing career from entry-level ABM up to CMO

Engage your career with our 5-point success factors at each level of marketing.

A traditional marketing team typically includes four key roles: Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Director, and VP/CMO. To advance to the next level in your career, you need to demonstrate five success factors to your boss. These factors build upon each other, so as you progress through the roles, you should continue to develop and improve upon the skills you’ve already acquired. At the beginning of your career, it’s important to be willing to try new tasks and learn from your experiences. As you move up the ladder, focus on making small improvements and perfecting your skills. If you are looking to build your marketing career, explore our Mini MBA.

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Have you gone through an assessment of the marketing skills of your team? Take a look below:

M   A   R   K   E   T   I   N   G        B   O   O   K

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the playbook for how to create a brand your consumers will love

Covering every aspect of brand management, it is no wonder that our readers reach for Beloved Brands multiple times each week to guide them through the challenges of day-to-day brand management.

Get ready for a mind-bending journey as we take you on a deep dive into your brand strategy. We’ll challenge you with thought-provoking questions designed to shake up your thinking and help you see your brand in a whole new light. And our unique process for defining your brand positioning will leave you with fresh ideas and new possibilities for how to differentiate your brand.

But we won’t just leave you with ideas – we’ll show you how to turn them into action. Learn how to write a brand plan that everyone can follow, ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and contributing to your brand’s success. We’ll walk you through the creative execution process, from writing an inspiring brief to making smart and breakthrough decisions.

And when it comes tao analyzing your brand’s performance, we’ve got you covered. Our innovative methods will help you dive deep and uncover insights you never knew existed, giving you the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your brand’s future.

But don’t just take our word for it – our Amazon reviews speak for themselves.

With over 85% of our customers giving us a glowing five-star rating and an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, we know we’re doing something right. And with numerous weeks as the #1 bestseller in brand management, you can trust that we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve success.

Ready to join the ranks of the Beloved Brands community? Order our book on Amazon, Rakuten Kobo, or Apple and start your journey towards brand success today.

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