Our Brand Management Mini MBA is a virtual brand training program designed for the ambitious marketing leader who wants to solidify their marketing skills so they can move to the next level of their career.

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Our Brand Management Mini MBA has five modules

  1. Strategic Thinking
  2. Brand Positioning
  3. Writing Brand Plans
  4. Advertising Decisions
  5. Marketing Analytics

1. Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic thinking is an essential foundation for brand management, especially as you push for more senior positions. We force marketers to ask big questions that challenge and focus brand decisions.
  • I will show you how to enhance your thinking, using the brand’s core strength finder, consumer strategy, competitive strategy, and situational strategy.
  • You will learn to use our five elements of strategy to help you structure your thinking before moving forward.

Below are examples of the tools we use in our strategic thinking video lessons you can find below.

2. Brand Positioning

  • The best Marketers target a specific motivated consumer audience and they define their brand around an idea that is interesting, simple, unique, motivating, and ownable.
  • I will show you how to write a winning brand positioning statement with four essential elements: target market, competitive set, main benefit, and reason to believe (RTB).
  • You will learn how to build a brand idea that leads every touchpoint of your brand, including the brand promise, brand story, innovation, purchase moment, and experience. We provide you the tools for how to write a winning brand concept and brand story.

3. Brand Planning

  • If you are an ambitious marketer looking to further your career, knowing how to lead the brand planning process is an essential marketing skill. The best brand leaders write brand plans that everyone in the organization can follow with ease, to get senior management, sales, R&D, agencies, and operational teams to follow their strategies.
  • Our Brand Planning sessions will teach you how to write each element of the brand plan, including the vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies, and tactics.
  • We use many brand examples with tools and frameworks to use for your brand and you will learn to build execution plans including a communications plan, innovation plan, and sales plan.

4. Advertising Decisions

  • The best marketers need to know how to inspire experts to produce smart and creative advertising execution. We teach how to run the advertising process, how to write an effective Creative Brief, how to make decisions on creative advertising, and how to make decisions on your media plan.
  • You will learn to use our ABC’s tool when judging advertising, looking to find ads that drive Attention (A), Brand link (B), Communication (C), and Stickiness (S).
  • We will teach you how to provide direction to your agency that inspires great advertising. We use many examples of the best advertising in history to demonstrate our thinking.

5. Marketing Analytics

Our Brand Management Mini MBA agenda

Brand Training

Once you are ready to go:

Use the added resources we have provided to ensure you get the most from the Brand Management Mini MBA.

  • At the beginning of each session, we include reading from our Beloved Brands playbook.
  • Use the Brand Management Workbook to follow along and try out each of the exercises.
  • We included our Brand Toolkit with all the PowerPoint resources you need to use for your own presentations.

We have an introduction to each of the modules that explains what you can expect to learn. Then, dig in on our video lessons for each topic.

You can go in order, jump ahead, or come back to a lesson two or three times. Go at your own pace.

So let’s go

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Graham Robertson

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Elevate your team’s performance with our marketing training. The smarter they are, the greater your brand growth will be.

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The cheat code for Brand Managers

It is without a doubt the most practical book for those who want to follow brand management that I have ever read in my life! Beloved Brands is written by a real, experienced marketeer for marketers. 


I have Brand Love for Beloved Brands!

As a 24-year marketing veteran at a Fortune 100 company, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about building brands until I started following Graham on social media. He has an amazing gift of bringing to life the critical elements of brand building and management in a delightful, easy-to-understand way and includes numerous examples and case histories that turn theory into practical reality for the reader.


Beloved Brands is a phenomenal book

I know other brand managers who have literally used this to review their business and create their annual brand plans. Undeniably, Beloved Brands is phenomenal in concept and in execution. Highly recommend.


Choose the brand plan that works for your brand

Choose the brand positioning template that works for your brand

Brand Toolkit for retail brands
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Brand Case Studies

If you are a marketing professional, you can learn from what some of the best brands have been doing. We use case studies to showcase the fundamentals of marketing.

Our video lessons

Everything a marketer must know how to do

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How to uncover strategic key issues

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How to build your brand positioning

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Contact Information

Graham Robertson

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 416–885–3911

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M a r k e t i n g    B o o k

beloved brands

the playbook for how to create a brand your consumers will love

With our Beloved Brands playbook, you will learn how to think strategically, define your brand positioning, write a marketing plan, make execution decisions, and analyze your brand. Our readers tell us they reach for Beloved Brands as a reference tool to help them with the day-to-day management of their brand. We are proud that 89% of online reviewers have given Beloved Brands a 5-star rating. As a result, Beloved Brands has been a #1 bestseller in brand management. We also have the B2B Brands playbook and our Healthcare Brands playbook

Marketing Training

The smarter your team, the better the results you will see!

As a marketing team leader, you know that your team’s success is essential for your company’s growth. Our Beloved Brands marketing training provides your team with the skills they need to make strategic decisions, produce exceptional work, and drive business growth. They will learn how to define brand positioning, write effective plans, improve brief-writing, make informed execution decisions, and analyze their brand’s performance.

We have designed our marketing training program to build the fundamental skills that will help your team reach their full potential. We will work with your team to help them learn take on Strategic Thinking, Brand Positioning, Marketing Planning, Marketing Execution, and Brand Analytics.