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1-page Brand Plan template

Get our 1-page Brand Plan template in downloadable PowerPoint file

Includes a ready-to-use formatted blank slide with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand plan. While binders collect dust, our 1-page brand plan template allows everyone who works on the brand to have it at their fingertips. Our 1-page Brand Plan includes three sections:

  • Analysis: First, the analysis section lays out the summary from the deep-dive business review with an overview of the top three points, which envelop what is driving your brand’s growth, what is inhibiting your brand’s growth, which threats could hurt your brand and what opportunities your brand faces.
  • Key issues and strategies: Next, the key issues and strategies section focuses on the top three issues getting in the way of achieving your vision, which you should put in question format. Moreover, the strategic solutions are the answers that match up to each of those questions. Set goals to measure your brand’s performance against each strategy.
  • Execution section: Finally, the execution section maps out the specific plans for each of the chosen execution areas that aligns with the most essential consumer touchpoints.


Credit Cards for Marketing templates

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Description of what is included

Get our Brand Plan on-a-page in a downloadable PowerPoint file that includes a ready-to-use formatted blank slide with key marketing definitions where you can insert your own brand plan.

Binders collect dust. This Brand Plan on-a-page template can be placed on the wall of everyone who works on the brand. Whether they are in finance, operations, forecasting, or customer service. And every sales rep, every agency person. Our one-page plan includes a vision, mini-forecast, analysis, key issues, strategies, and execution plans.

We provide a complete Brand Plan example using our Gray’s Cookies brand

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