The 12 most spectacular and beautiful Apple Store locations in the world



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The most beautiful Apple Store locations have become tourist attractions around the world. The cube on 5th avenue in New York City is one of the most iconic Apple stores. With hundreds of Apple retail stores worldwide, we can now see so many beautiful Apple store locations. Paris. Milan. New York. LA. Shanghai, and Singapore. These locations sound familiar to fashion brands. 

Their commitment to beautiful architecture signals their value of art and design. But, these lavish designs are not wasted. These Apple store locations create an intense consumer desire. Apple stores have the highest sales per square foot compared to other retailers. Apple stores sell twice as much as the number two brand–Tiffany’s. 

Most beautiful Apple store locations.

If you are looking for an iconic Apple Store location, here are 12 that you should visit.

  • Fifth Avenue in New York City, US.
  • Convent Gardens in London, England.
  • Piazza Liberty in Milan, Italy.
  • Tower Theater in Los Angeles, California.
  • Opéra Store in Paris, France.
  • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.
  • Glass cylinder in Shanghai, China.
  • Grand Central Station, in New York City, US.
  • Cupertino head office in California, US. 
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • Brisbane, Australia.
  • Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. 

Importantly, we will show many photos and encourage you to click on each photo to zoom in and see the most beautiful details of each store. 

Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Fifth Avenue in New York City is the most iconic Apple store location.

Clearly, the world’s most famous Apple store location is the Apple Fifth Avenue store. A few years ago, I was on a double-decker bus tour of New York City. First, we drove past where John Lennon was shot. And about 10% of those on the bus stood up to take a photo. Yet, when we drove past the Apple Fifth Avenue store location, the entire bus stood up to take a picture. 

Constructed in 2006, the Fifth Avenue store is one of the first over-the-top Apple store locations. Importantly, they designed the cube to entice people to enter the store, creating a grand entrance. Indeed, it is now a tourist attraction. Unquestionably, the cube has become the photo every visitor wants. If you are visiting NYC, it’s a must-see for any trip.

This Apple store location is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

To illustrate, click on the photo of Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City.

More photos of the the iconic Apple store location on Fifth Avenue.

To illustrate, click on more photos of Apple Fifth Avenue.

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Apple Convent Garden.

Convent Garden in London, England is one of the most beautiful Apple store locations.

Upon opening in August 2010, Covent Garden was Apple’s largest retail space worldwide. And there were significant renovations in 2018 with a grand re-opening. To demonstrate, have a look at one of the most iconic Apple store locations. 

To illustrate, click on the photo of Apple Convent Garden.

More photos of Apple Convent Gardens.

To illustrate, click on more photos of Apple Convent Garden.

Bringing Apple's retail strategy to life.

To view the video about Apple retail strategy, use the ▶️  button to play.  

Purchasing Apple products is very simple, including its own retail store experience.

Steve Jobs saw a vision for retail, to help Apple use simplicity to manage the purchase moment through its retail stores, making sure the experience is simple and straightforward. All staff carry a credit card machine and complete the transaction very quickly. No lines or cash registers. Simplicity shines through the store layout, with the genius bar for one-on-one tech questions and support and the training area to teach classes. Importantly, he brand also puts every Apple product on display to allow consumers to take them for a test drive. Our Apple case study shows how Steve Jobs built Apple around simplicity.

How Apple retail stores are set up.

To illustrate, click on the diagram above to see how they use the Apple retail strategy.

Apple Piazza Liberty in Milan, Italy.

The Piazza Liberty store in Milan, Italy is one of the most beautiful Apple store locations.

In short, the Milan Apple store location has an 8-meter-high parallelepiped glass-crystal structure surrounded by a fountain with 56 water nozzles. Within the glassed fountain is a staircase that acts as an entrance creating one of the most iconic Apple store locations. To demonstrate, look at some of the photos below.  

To illustrate, click on the photo of the Apple Milan Italy retail location.

More photos of the Milan, Italy Apple store location.

To illustrate, click on more photos of the beautiful Apple store location in Milan, Italy.

Apple Tower Theater in L.A.

The Apple Tower Theater store is gorgeous.

Initially designed in 1927, Tower Theater was one of the first movie theaters equipped for sound. However, the theater closed in 1988 and sat dormant for years.

Then, along came Apple, who collaborated with leading preservationists, restoration artists, and the City of Los Angeles to thoughtfully restore the theater’s beauty and grandeur. Importantly. And, they carefully refinished every surface, and the building has undergone a complete seismic upgrade. Below, look at one of the most beautiful Apple store locations.

To illustrate, click on the photo of the Apple Tower Theater retail store.

More photos of the Apple Tower Theater retail store.

To illustrate, click on more photos of the Apple Tower Theater retail store.

Apple Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. is one of the most beautiful Apple store locations.

The beautiful Apple store location at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is the first Apple Store to sit directly on the water. Indeed, it appears to float on the iridescent Marina Bay. Importantly, this beautiful store location introduces a new and captivating retail experience at one of the most iconic locations in Singapore. Inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, an oculus at the dome’s apex provides a flooding ray of light that travels through the space. To illustrate, take a look at a few of the photos of this fantastic store location.  

To illustrate, click on the photo of the Apple Singapore retail store.

More photos of the Singapore Apple store location.

To illustrate, click on the photo of the beautiful Apple Singapore retail store.

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Apple store in Shanghai, China.

The Apple Shanghai is one of the most beautiful Apple store locations.

Located near the busy Pudong district in Shanghai, this iconic Apple Store location sits in a large urban plaza below a new circular sunken court. The entrance has a large glass cylinder, forty-one feet high. Visitors travel over a shallow reflecting pool to reach the store from the plaza level to a transparent, cylindrical entry. Then, consumers descend to the store below the plaza on a gorgeous spiral glass staircase. Indeed, this Apple store location is a definite nod to the Fifth Avenue cube.

To illustrate, click on the photo of the iconic Apple Shanghai retail store.

More photos of the Shanghai Apple store location.

To illustrate, click on the photo of the beautiful Apple store location in Shanghai.

Other beautiful Apple retail stores from around the world.

Grand Central Station

Cupertino California

Paris Opera

Dubai, UAE

Brisbane, Australia


To illustrate, click on any photo of one of the iconic Apple store location.

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And, you can also learn from the best Apple advertising

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