A simple way to help you create your personal profile

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Your personal profile can be a lead tool for telling your brand story, whether on your LinkedIn profile, on your personal blog, or at any industry events. You can work on a long and shorter version of the bio.

Everyone should have a personal profile to tell their brand story

  • First, start with your desired reputation by thinking of a personal vision statement for how you wish to be viewed five or ten years from now. 
  • Next, talk about the difference you make, whether it is in your job or business you are leading. 
  • Then, outline your background qualifications, including employment history, notable awards, or education degrees. 
  • Layer in other unique experiences, publications, event participation, or charity involvement. 
  • Finally, as we would with a brand, provide your stated promise declaration, which is your purpose behind your vision. Using your promise is a compelling way to end your profile.

Four Questions to define your personal brand

  1. First, how do you define yourself, by where in the marketplace you see yourself having the biggest impact? 
  2. Next, what is the primary benefit you provide your target, whether they are potential prospects? 
  3. Then, what is the secondary benefit you provide your target, whether they are potential prospects? 
  4. Finally, what is the expected result you deliver, that matches up to your target’s potential goals? 

Brainstorm worksheet

This model is a great way to summarize yourself, based on what you have done over the last few years. Make sure your definitions are more forward-looking with an aspiration for what you want to be, not stuck in what you have been. Once you get that done, you can then begin to piece it all together and see what your own 7-second pitch might start to look like. Keep tightening that pitch until it flows. 

Use your personal brand idea to establish consistency across every media choice you use

In today’s cluttered media world, use your personal brand idea to help organize all types of marketing communication efforts, including your brand story, sales material, networking, creating your own home page or blog, managing the search of yourself, portraying your personal brand through social media, and looking to establish yourself through any influence marketing.
When telling your brand story, you now have many media options available, including white papers, blog posts, LinkedIn updates, networking meetings, or delivering presentations at industry events. Tell the same brand story, with consistent layers of brand messaging. There is nothing wrong with repetition, primarily if you use various media options to make it more engaging.

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