Wrigley’s ad captures how we want to see our post-pandemic life

The new Wrigley’s ad really jumps off the screen. It’s been all over Facebook and Twitter, on the morning news, and sent around through email and DMs. The reason: they nailed the consumer insight of how we want our post-pandemic life to look. It captures exactly how we feel. There is one other reason this ad jumps out. They are the first. if you are just about to write a creative brief about “getting back to normal” stop. We are about to have 10,000 ads just like this over the next two months. We’ll be tired of them by July. But for now, this is amazing. Enjoy


Here's the Wrigley's ad that speaks to how we wish to see our new world

While I love this ad, my fear is we see 500 more just like this one. Well, I know we will.

Last spring, there were 2-3 amazing “thank our healthcare worker” spots, for the rest of May, June, July, it seems every ad was a tribute to our healthcare workers. One after another. None of them broke through.  

Here's Dove's tribute ad from early April of 2020

To me, this was the best coronavirus salute spot. Building off Dove’s “real beauty” brand idea, the ad shows the real faces, visibly worn out by a long shift, with the indents of where their face masks had been. The work comes from Ogilvy’s Toronto office, where Dove’s “Evolution” ad campaign originated. I still rate Dove’s “Evolution” as one of the century’s most impactful ads.


The best advertising is smart and different.

The best advertising must balance being creatively different and strategically smart. When ads are smart but not different, they get lost in the clutter. It is natural for marketers to tense up when the creative work ends up being “too different.” In all parts of the business, marketers are trained to look for past proof as a sign something will work. 

However, when it comes to advertising if the ads start too similar to what other brands have already done, then the advertising will be at risk of boring your consumers, so you never stand out enough to capture their attention. Push your comfort with creativity and take a chance to ensure your ad breaks through. 

When ads are different but not smart, they will entertain consumers, but do nothing for your brand. Your advertising must be smart enough to trigger the desired consumer response to match your brand strategy.

Advertising smart and different

If you are going to release your “get back to life” ad this week, fine. But if you are planning to do so by mid-June, you will fall into the Not Smart and certainly NOT DIFFERENT. Compared to this Wrigley’s ad, your ad will be lost and floundering in a sea of sameness, with 337 views on YouTube compared to the millions you hoped for. 

The reason this Wrigley’s ad works so well is because they are the first, they stand out as different. And, the Wrigley’s ad is smart, as they’ve picked plenty of fresh-breath social occasions that naturally fit with their brand.

This new Wrigley's ad fits their prior work

This is one of my favourite spots from Wrigley’s a few years ago. It’s like a mini-romantic comedy. 

Consumer insights

Let's also celebrate the consumer insights of the new Wrigley's ad.

What is a Consumer Insight? Our definition for consumer insights is the little secrets hidden beneath the surface, that explain the underlying behaviors, motivations, pain points, and emotions of your consumers. 

Consumer insights come to life through your advertising when told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “Hmmm, that’s exactly how I feel. I thought I was the only one who felt like that.” That’s why we laugh when seeing the way that consumer insight is projected with humor. That is why we get goosebumps when a consumer insight is projected with inspiration. And, that’s why we cry when the consumer insight comes alive through real-life drama.

As I watched the new Wrigley’s ad, I kept seeing myself in these scenarios and thinking that will feel awesome. It feels a bit like the ending to a scary movie when we try to return to normal.</p>

Well done to the Wrigley’s team.

Marketing skills

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