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Slide1With a one day workshop, we’ll help find your Brand Vision, Brand DNA, Customer Value Proposition and Strategic Pillars for your brand.  This allows you to clearly lay out your plan and be able to consistently articulate this plan to potential customers or investors.  It also holds you true on the pathway to achieving your dreams.

gr bbi picI’m a fellow entrepreneur like you.   Every day I face the same issues you face.  

When I started my business, one of my mentors said “what are you selling” and my answer was “I’m selling me”. His answer floored me when he said “well then I’m not buying, because I only buy ideas”.  Three weeks later, I came back with the idea of Beloved Brands, and how I would help leaders find more love for their brand, because I can clearly lay out the path from how loved a brand is to how powerful it is and from that power it can make more money.  A simple equation:  Love = Power = Profit   While no one wants to buy Graham Robertson, every business leader wants a pathway to making more money.  Our promise is to help you find that pathway.  

I love helping fellow entrepreneurs find their way, getting them on their path to realizing their full potential.So what’s your idea?  

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For more information, contact me by email at or phone me at 416 885 3911 connect with me on Linked In.

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