Brand Planning course for marketers

  • If you are an ambitious marketer, looking to solidify your marketing skills, our Brand Planning course will provide the foundation for you to reach your full potential.
  • Our Brand Planning course for marketers will teach you how to write each element of the brand plan, including the vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies, tactics, and execution plans.
  • You get 7 training videos (approx 4.5 hours), key reading from our Beloved Brands Playbook, and a Brand Planning Workbook with exercises to try in real-time.
  • We include our Brand Plan PowerPoint template file.


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How do you create a brand plan? What is brand planning process? Why is brand planning important? Our brand planning course for marketers will help provide the fundamentals of brand planning to help drive brand growth. And, with the added marketing skills, you can advance your career. 

If you are an ambitious marketer looking to further your career, you must know how to lead the brand planning process. The best brand leaders write brand plans that everyone in the organization can follow with ease to get senior management, sales, R&D, agencies, and operational teams to follow their strategies.

The Brand Planning course for marketers will teach you how to write each element of the brand plan, including the vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies, and tactics.

The Brand Planning course uses real-life examples with tools and frameworks to use for your brand. You will learn to build execution plans, including a communications plan, innovation plan, and sales plan.

brand planning

We believe the fundamentals of brand planning matter more than ever

Have you ever noticed people who say, “We need to get everyone on the same page” rarely have anything written down on one page? The same people who use the term “fewer bigger bets” are fans of little projects that deplete resources.

People say they are good decision-makers. Yet, they struggle when faced with two distinct strategic choices. I see too many find a way to justify doing both options.

A brand plan is an opportunity to make decisions on how to allocate your brand’s limited resources to the smartest ideas that will drive the highest return. Think of the plan as a decision-making tool to align your team. The plan chooses the best financial investments. It should then align and focus everyone who works on the business, including the leader who writes the plan. Our Brand Planning course will show you everything you need to write your own plan.

Example of the tools of our Brand Planning course

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Learning Outcomes for our Brand Planning course

  • Use five strategic questions as an outline for your entire plan
  • Write an inspirational vision statement to frame your marketing plan
  • Come up with a brand purpose and brand values
  • Summarize your brand’s situation analysis
  • Map out the key issues your brand faces
  • Write smart brand strategy objective statements
  • Focus tactics to ensure a high return on effort
  • Write specific execution plans for marketing communications, innovation, and in-store
  • Do up a profit statement, sales forecast, goals, and marketing budget for your plan
  • Use our ideal one-page brand formats for the annual marketing plan and long-range strategic roadmap

Our brand planning course includes a reading of one of our chapters from our Beloved Brands playbook. Click on the hyperlink below to read.

Ready to go?

Our Brand Planning course video lessons will help you understand all the brand planning concepts. We will go through how to write your vision, purpose, values, key issues, strategies, and tactics.

With our Brand Planning course, we show many different templates for a one-page brand plan, one-page brand strategy roadmap, and a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation.

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