Advertising Decisions course for marketers

If you are an ambitious marketer, looking to solidify your marketing skills, our Advertising Decisions course will provide the foundation for you to reach your full potential. With our Advertising Decisions course, I will teach you how to lead the advertising process, write a creative brief, make decisions on creative advertising, and set up media plans. You get 8 training videos (approx 6 hours), key reading from our Beloved Brands Playbook, and a Brand Workbook with exercises to try in real-time. And, we include our creative brief template.


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What are the major decisions in advertising? What are advertising objectives? Our advertising decisions course for marketers will help you learn about the overall advertising process, how to creative briefs, and how to make decisions. And, with the added marketing skills, you can advance your career. 

The best marketers need to know how to inspire experts to produce smart and creative advertising execution. With our Advertising Decisions course, we teach how to run the advertising process, how to write an effective Creative Brief, how to make decisions on creative advertising, and how to make decisions on your media plan.

With our Advertising Decisions course, you will learn to use our ABC’s tool when judging advertising. The ABC’s tool looks to find advertising that drives Attention (A), Brand link (B), Communication (C), and Stickiness (S).

You will learn to use our Gut Instincts Checklist to help make decisions. We will teach you how to provide direction to your agency that inspires great advertising. We use many examples of the best advertising in history to demonstrate our thinking.

We believe the fundamentals of advertising decisions matter more than ever

The marketing leader plays the most crucial role in the creative advertising process. While they are not designed to be experts, they need to know enough to make advertising decisions, but never enough to do the work.

With the increasing speed of advertising, brand leaders have taken one step in and often find themselves embedded in creative development. If you are now doing the work, then who is critiquing and who is deciding if the work is good enough and if it fits your strategy? Even using “internal agencies” creates a blind spot. Our advertising decisions course will teach you how to step back and let the creativity unfold.

There is a leadership advantage in being the least knowledgeable person in the room. While it may sound strange at first, when you are a layer removed from the specialist who does the work, it allows you to think, question, challenge, and make decisions on choosing the right advertising. Focus on the strategy, but stay clear-minded enough to judge if the advertising is good enough or reject if it is not.

Examples of the tools we use in our Advertising Decisions course

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Our advertising decisions course will help you to be the advertising leader you need to be

It takes a unique leadership skill to be able to inspire, challenge, question, direct, and decide, without any expertise at all. As we engage experts, the respect we show can either inspire greatness or crush their creative spirit. From my experience, the best advertising people I have worked with would prefer to be pushed rather than held back. The last thing they want is for you to ask for their expertise, and then tell them what to do.

If you knew that being a better advertising client would result in better work, would you do it? Being good at advertising is something you can learn. I will show you how to judge and how to make decisions to choose the best advertising for your brand. Your advertising needs enough branded breakthrough to stand out from the market clutter, so your brand connects with consumers. Our advertising decisions course will help you focus on a motivating message to move consumers along their purchase journey, whether you want them to see, think, feel, do, or influence.

Mini MBA advertising decisions timing

Advertising decisions course learning outcomes:

  • Understand the crucial role of the brand leader in getting great creative execution
  • Successfully manage the 10 stages of the advertising process
  • Write a brand communications plan
  • Turn the brand communications plan into a creative brief
  • Use smart and bad examples of the creative brief
  • Use the ABC’s (Attention, Brand Link, Communication, Stickiness) advertising decision-making tool
  • Give inspiring feedback on advertising that pushes for great work
  • Use our six questions to help frame your media planning
  • Line up media choices to where consumers are most willing to engage with your brand

The video lessons in our advertising decisions course will help you lay out a strategic creative brief that will inspire your team. And, we show you how to judge advertising, how to make smart decisions on creative advertising and how to set up your media plan.

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