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Welcome to our Brand Management Mini MBA!

Our Brand Management Mini MBA agenda

Brand Training agenda

Our Mini MBA program focuses on the 20 skills of the best marketers.

brand management skills

Throughout our program and at your job, keep working on the 20 skills.

Get ready to go:

Use the added resources we have provided to ensure you get the most from the Brand Management Mini MBA.

  • Look for a link that will take you to chapters from our Beloved Brands playbook in each introductory lesson.
  • You get our Brand Toolkit with all the PowerPoint resources you need to use for your own presentations.
  • Use the Brand Management Workbook to follow along and try out each of the exercises.

Go at your own pace

We recommend you go in order, and mark each session as complete as that allows the system to track your progress towards the certificate. But you can always come back to a lesson two or three times. You can even come back months later if there is one topic you are working on and want a half-hour catch-up on. We have no deadlines for completion.

To earn the certificate you will have to mark each lesson as complete. However, even after you complete the lesson get your certificate, you can come back again. I recommend you bookmark this page on your device as a favourite, or use our main website to re-enter each time.

Once you have completed all the lessons and they are marked complete, then return to the course page, and there will be a download certificate button. Should you have any questions at any time, email Graham Robertson at

Let’s go

Important notice

Save this page as one of your menu favorites on your computer until you are done the course. That way, you can keep coming back to it and have access to all the classes at the bottom of this page. There are 36 total classes you will see with two pages of content below. You will be able to see which ones are complete, then go to the next class. 

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