How to lead a deep-dive business review on your brand

Too many marketers are not taking the time to dig in on the analytics. There is no value in having access to data if you are not using it. The best brand leaders can tell strategic stories through analytics. Conduct a deep-dive business review at least once a year on your brand.  Otherwise, you are […]

How to use a brand strategy roadmap to align and focus everyone

What is brand strategy? Your brand strategy decisions must answer, “how can we get there?” Your choices depend on market opportunities you see with consumers, competitors, or situations. Strategies must provide clear marching orders that define the strategic program you are investing in, the focused opportunity, the desired market impact and the payback in a […]

How to use brand funnel analysis to assess your brand’s health

A classic brand funnel would measure how consumers move through their purchase journey including awareness, familiar, consider, purchase, repeat and loyal. The brand funnel tell you where your brand is now, and when analyzed with intelligence, they provide hints as to where you can go next. The brand funnel analysis can help you determine where […]

Five ads that bring consumer insights to life

What is a Consumer Insight? Our definition for consumer insights is the little secrets hidden beneath the surface, that explain the underlying behaviors, motivations, pain points and emotions of your consumers.  Consumer insights come to life through your advertising when told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “Hmmm, that’s exactly […]

How to write a strategic brand plan to get everyone on your team on the same page

A strategic brand plan gets everyone on the same page, including senior management, sales, product development, customer service and your agency partners. So, we have a one-page brand plan to help. That way, everyone drives against the same vision, key issues, strategies, and tactics. Throughout this article, I will show how to write a brand […]

How to write a creative brief that inspires your agency

I wish everyone would stop writing ugly creative briefs. Most importantly, the creative brief is a crucial way for brand leaders to control the strategy. On the other hand, make sure you give freedom on execution to the experts who execute. Too many marketers have this backward, preferring to give freedom on strategy with various […]

How to use brand positioning to differentiate your brand and win

Brand positioning is the space that a brand owns in the consumer’s mind. It’s what they think of you. Your brand positioning statement defines how your brand shows up in the market. To start, your brand positioning matches what consumers want with what your brand does best. Many brands are negligent in failing to define […]

How you can be successful at the Brand Manager level

Most new brand managers mistakenly believe this role is about managing others. But, now is the time in your brand management career for you to transition from do-er to owner. Yes, you will likely get your first chance to manage someone, but many times that effort can be a distraction from your opportunity to continue to learn […]