How to manage the ideal tension between marketing and sales

Marketing and Sales tension

There is a natural tension between marketing and sales due to their differing primary focuses, but that tension can be channeled productively. The yin and yang. A little tension and conflict is good when it is the starting point for collaboration. The tension between marketing and sales arises when different objectives seem to pull the […]

How advanced consumer analytics can steer your brand strategy

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, brands need to use consumer analytics to uncover the unique situation and circumstances that will help uncover their brand strategy. The one-size-fits-all approach no longer suffices. Instead, at the heart of your deep-dive business are the consumer analytics that include consumer tracking data and the marketing funnel analysis help tell […]

The seven essential questions every winning brand must answer

Brands aren’t just about logos, taglines, or ads. At the heart of the most successful brands is a keen understanding of their ideal target consumer, a compelling brand vision that steers everyone, and an organizing brand idea that brings it all to life. As a former VP of Marketing for Fortune 500 companies, I have […]

Marketers Guide to OmniChannel Media: Paid, earned, shared, and owned media​

In today’s fragmented digital landscape, a robust brand strategy is not just about being visible, it’s about being omnipresent. For brand leaders and top-tier marketing professionals, the strategy has shifted from a Multi-Channel media approach to an OmniChannel Media strategy. This intricate ballet of Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned (The PESO Model™) media is where […]

Using OmniChannel Marketing to move consumer along their purchase journey

In today’s dynamic digital age, understanding the consumer journey is paramount to brand success. OmniChannel Marketing offers a seamless strategy that aligns diverse channels, ensuring that consumers receive a consistent and unified brand experience at every touchpoint. This article delves deep into the “brand love curve,” highlighting the transformative journey a consumer undergoes – from […]

Liquid Death case study: The disruptor brand that big brands can’t duplicate

In the realm of the beverage industry, where giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi dominate, breaking through the saturated market can be a Herculean task. However, one brand that notably made a significant splash is Liquid Death. This intriguingly canned water company managed to capture consumers’ attention not just with its product, but through its audacious […]

YETI Case Study: How their product performance drives shockingly high prices

Buying a YETI is not a purchase, but rather an investment. That’s how the founders think of their exceptionally high priced products. In YETI Case Study, we delve into the fascinating world of the YETI brand – an unyielding player in the outdoor gear industry. YETI, renowned for its ultra-durable and superior quality products, has […]

How to shift your marketing to reach Millennials & Gen Zs

Bob Dylan said, “The times are changing.” Today, businesses must update their strategies to remain competitive. It’s a mistake to think age doesn’t matter when targeting customers. Overlooking the importance of younger consumers, like Millennials and Gen Z, can be costly. Relying solely on your older loyal customers is risky in today’s fast-changing market. The […]

Destination Marketing case study: The best tourism advertising on the planet

Over the years, destination marketing have truly evolved, with numerous campaigns vying to captivate and charm global travellers. Undeniably, certain tourism advertising has become iconic within the tourism industry, eliciting powerful emotions and sparking countless adventures. Moving from the timeless appeal of “I Love New York” to the enticing mystique of “Amazing Thailand.” Moreover, we’ll […]

10 successful brands that started with unexpected beginnings

Indeed, change is the only constant in business. Moreover, adaptability is vital for success. Several successful brands have intriguing origin stories. Too many times, entrepreneurs seemed desperate for early success. These stories showcase the power of pivoting and embracing change. In this article, we’ll delve into 10 of the most successful brands. They began with […]