The most beautiful Apple store locations in the world

The most beautiful Apple Store locations have become tourist attractions around the world. The cube on 5th avenue in New York City is one of the most iconic Apple stores. With hundreds of Apple retail stores worldwide, we can now see so many beautiful Apple store locations. Paris. Milan. New York. LA. Shanghai, and Singapore. […]

The best way to write goals for your business

Writing goals are an essential part of running your business. We usually achieve what we think we can achieve. Your goals should have a balance of stretch and reality. In short, use your brand vision to push a little beyond your comfort level and achieve beyond what you expect. You will hear the term smart goals. […]

Using in-the-box creativity keeps the marketing execution on strategy

The best creative marketing ideas come through in-the-box creativity using problem solving where the box is your brand strategy. Alternatively, save your blue sky out-of-the-box thinking for random inventions or the launch of a new brand. This in-the-box creativity can be used for any marketing communications including advertising, point of purchase, or B2B marketing. As […]

The best brands are able to answer these 5 questions

The best brands have a well-defined brand positioning statement that helps build the brand’s reputation over time. They know their best customers better than their competitors. And, they have a smart strategic plan so that everyone on the team knows how they contribute the business success. They line up their investments against the strategies that […]

Engage the stages of learning to take on new marketing skills

As you go through your Marketing career, there is a repetitive nature, as we tend to work on the same essential types of work streams over and over. There are stages of learning as we continue to build our collection of marketing skills. We try, repeat, tweak, improve, and perfect. And then we share those […]

Marketing budget cuts are coming. Time to make smart decisions.

When your finance manager comes over and tells you to freeze your marketing budget for the rest of the year, don’t be that marketer who whines and complains that it just can’t be done. Don’t show them charts from the past 100 years of the last 8 recessions. Don’t show them an article that says […]

Understand your business situation before making your next move

A smart brand strategy is a smart business strategy. Before moving towards a plan, you must understand the business situation you face. In this article, I will outline four distinct business situations your brand could face: Fuel the momentum, Fix it, Realignment, and a Start-up.  You are running a live business, with a need to drive […]

Netflix is launching ads. Did they wait too long?

Netflix advertising will launch in Q4 of 2022, with annual revenues estimated at $150 million in 2023 and will increase to $1.8 billion by 2025. We expect consumers to complain, cancel their subscriptions, and tweet their outrage at Netflix. It’s been evident for a few years they would launch advertising. The big question is, did […]

Five free online tools to use for Market Research

Marketing research is an important part of any marketing plan. It helps you understand how people think and behave so that you can create products and services that will appeal to them. For many small to midsize brands, market research can feel cost-prohibitive. This article will show you five ways you can do some market […]

Social Media: How to make the most of your online presence

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s where we connect with friends, share photos, watch videos, and learn new things. In this article, I will outline five key steps you need to get started on building your online presence.  You have to dig in and learn about how social media can […]