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We will have more details to come, but for now, here’s some of the program

Our purpose is to prepare you for success in brand management


Our brand management training program uses 35 video sessions that cover brand strategy, brand positioning, brand plans, marketing execution and marketing analytics. We provide 10 articles to allow you to dig deep on key topics. We provide program workbooks so you can apply the learning throughout each of the sessions. Every session has homework for you to complete. You will gain access to an amazing brand toolkit you can apply to your careers, and our best-in-class PowerPoint presentation formats for brand plans, brand positioning, business review, and a creative brief. Once you complete our  training program, we provide a certificate in brand management you can proudly display on your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Get a certificate in brand management

You will learn how to think, define, plan, execute and analyze

  1. Learn how to win with smart strategic thinking
  2. Master the skills for how define a winning brand positioning  
  3. Learn how to build a brand plan everyone can follow
  4. Take on the skills you need to inspire creative marketing execution
  5. Master the analytics to uncover brand issues

Learn how to win with smart strategic thinking

We challenge you to think strategically, to prompt you to ask the right questions before you reach for solutions. Our holistic look at strategy pushes you to assess your brand’s core strength, the relationship with consumers, competitive stance you take, and business situation. You will be capable of leading a well-thought strategic discussion across your organization or winning any strategic argument with your management team. With our brand management training program, you will learn to apply your vision, to focus your resources on identified opportunities that create a market impact you can transform into a performance result for your brand. 

Master the skills for how to define a winning brand positioning

With Beyond the MBA, we start off by showing you how to define and focus on an ideal consumer target profile, framed with need states, consumer insights and the consumer enemies. We take a consumer centric approach to turn brand features into functional and emotional benefits. Use our innovation benefit cheat sheets to make decisions. Learn how to find a winning brand positioning space that is own-able and motivating to consumers. You will develop a brand idea that can focus every everyone who works on your brand. You will learn to write brand concepts, brand stories, and a credo. 

Learn how to build a brand plan everyone can follow

With our brand management training program, you will learn best-in-class methods for coming up with all elements of a smart brand plan including the vision, purpose, goals, issues, strategies, and tactics. We will show you how to turn strategic thinking into smart strategic objective statements for the brand plan. You will walk away with brand plan templates that will help you build a brand plan presentation you can use for your senior management and across organization. We show how to develop smart execution plans that delivers against the brand strategies, including a brand communications plan, innovation plan and sales plans.

Take on the skills you need to inspire creative marketing execution

You will learn to write strategic, focused and thorough creative briefs that will create great work from experts. We show the best and worst of every line of the creative brief. We will teach you the project management of the process so you will be able to lead all marketing execution projects on brand communication, innovation, selling or experience. You will be able to inspire greatness from teams of experts at execution agencies or throughout your organization. We will show how to engage your instincts to judge marketing execution and make smart marketing execution decisions that will tighten the bond with consumers.

Master the analytics to help uncover brand issues

We help you understand all sources of brand data, including market share, brand funnel, consumption, tracking results, and financials. We challenge you on the principles of analytics so you dig deep into data, draws comparisons and builds a story toward the business conclusion. With our brand managment training program, you will be able to lead a best-in-class deep-dive business review that looks at the marketplace, consumers, channel, competitors and the brand. We provide templates for the deep-dive business review,  and monthly performance reports that will help trigger new key issues and strategic thinking.

With our brand management training program, you will gain access to our best-in-class planning templates

Brand Plan format
Deep-dive Business Review
Brand Positioning Slides