New Nike Offline shoes, designed to unplug and unwind while at home

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Nike work from home shoes

What do you think of the new Nike Offline shoe? 

Are they so ugly, they are kinda cute, or just plain ugly? Nike believes that with all those people working from home in 2020, and with the mental health benefit of taking time to unplug and disconnect, the Nike Offline ultra-comfort shoes are the answer. Maybe if you are working from home, the appearance of your footwear doesn’t matter. The new Nike Offline is designed for when “doing nothing” is the most important thing for you to recharge.

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Do you think Nike Offline is a good idea or bad?

Fashion seems to be in the eye of the beholder. Are these shoes so ugly they are cute, or this ugly-croc-like shoe a complete misfit for Nike? 

We are living unprecedented times, and consumers are willing to recognize the effort brands make during 2020 to do whatever we can to adjust to our current times. As someone working 100% from home right now, I think I have worn shorts 100 days in a row. As Nike Offline shoes are positioned as the ultimate comfort shoe to help deal with any anxiety issues, consumers will appreciate the effort to help consumers deal with the anxiety and uncertainty of 2020. 

Once we return to normal, these shoes might get lost in the back of your closet. And when you clean your closet in 2025, it might give you a chuckle to remember back to the nutty summer of 2020. 

My verdict: Nike Offline shoes are a cute short-term tactical idea that does not fit the longer-term Nike brand strategy.

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