Nike’s “You can’t stop us” is a masterclass in advertising

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As we crave big, bold, beautiful work, Nike’s “you can’t stop us” campaign continues to inspire consumers, and hopefully, other advertisers.
The ad includes the richness in storytelling, the emotion of reaching beyond what we ever thought possible, the editing is perfect, and the recognition of our favorite athletes mixed in with real-world people accomplishing their greatness.
While everyone else is letting AI hound and annoy consumers into buying their products, Nike and Apple are shining the brightest with videos that give us chills and goosebumps. Neither is letting Coronavirus slow them down or producing generic thank-you messages. We need more great advertising work.

Nike's "you can't stop us"

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I love the split-screen technique with 36 different pairings. Nike researched over 4,000 different video options to narrow it down to the perfect fittings. The ad delivers on Nike’s stated purpose is to unite the world through sport to create a healthy planet, active communities, and an equal playing field for all. Nike doesn’t want to let closed gyms or empty stadiums hold us back, and is showcasing the many ways that athletes continue to push forward.

The You can’t stop us campaign builds on Nike’s comeback story ad from a few months ago, that links famous comebacks in sports to what we are going through with the Coronavirus. 

Nike Ad
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