Apple “snow brawl” ad shot entirely with the new iPhone Max Pro

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One of the best ways to communicate with advertising is through an extreme demonstration to showcase your brand’s most motivating consumer benefit. You can also take what should be the obvious benefit and bring it to life through a glorious visual demonstration. The new “snow brawl” ad is a smart, creative way to showcase the new iPhone Max Pro’s camera, shot by a great director, entirely with the iPhone. 

The ad was shot by David Leitch, a director who is known for action movies such as John Wick, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool, and one of the Fast and Furious spinoffs. Leitch then used nothing but the iPhone Max Pro.

iPhone Max pro "Snow Brawl" ad

The making of "Snow Brawl"

I have the new iPhone 11 Max Pro

I have long complained about Apple’s “death by incrementalism” approach to innovation, but will undoubtedly say the iPhone 11 Max Pro camera is a big step up. Yes, some might say they are only catching up to Samsung or Huawei. I was recently in Italy and here are examples of the phones I took with the camera. Even as I looked down at my phone, I was stunned at the quality of the shots.  

My photos of my recent trip to Italy

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