Apple’s new gut-wrenching Christmas ads will leave you in tears

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I love this new Apple Christmas ad. It tells a gut-wrenching story of a typical family traveling back home for the holidays. When the kids are bored and unruly as they head off in the car and on the airplane, the dad hands the kids an iPad to keep them entertained. Very typical of parenting in the modern world. The Apple iPad Pro becomes the enabler in the rest of the ad. The spot becomes even more real as the kids are heading to bed when one of them asks the question, “Mommy, is grandpa still sad?” All too real. Have a look below to see the rest of the spot. 


Apple's new 2019 Christmas ad

From a story-telling view, this is a great spot. It feels like a typical holiday movie, the rawness of a Family Stone or Four Christmases, as we see what appears to be a real family. The issue of the lonely survivor is also real, and one many of us are facing with our parents. 

From an advertising view, this is a typical product demo, where Apple can show how much the iPad can enable. Not only keeping the kids quiet but allowing them to express themselves to bring joy to others. 

Well done, Apple. I would rate this as one of the best spots of the year. Click the link below to see the rest of the Christmas ads we’ve seen so far:


Apple has done a nice job in building off their previous Christmas ad from 2013

Apple used a similar demo with their 2013 Christmas spot, about a young boy who appeared obsessed with his phone. It gave the perception that he was missing out on everything, while really, he was using his phone to capture everything about the holidays. 

The similarity between the 2019 and 2013 spots is the rawness of how real they both seem, and the product demonstration of how Apple products, the iPhone and the iPad, have become enablers to what we do in life. The 2019 is certainly a nice build. 

This 2013 Apple Christmas spot is one of my all-time Christmas favorites. Have a look:

Apple 2013 Christmas ad

Click on the link below to see some of the best Christmas ads I have ever seen:

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