Marketers need to let go of certainty and embrace creativity in your advertising

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Too many marketers believe algorithms, digital footprints, A/B testing and chatbots can reach a consumer at the exact moment they will buy, and then have an AI-driven message to trigger a transaction. It has become too painful to watch. They see a future of marketing that approaches perfection and are so fixated on certainty and ROI; they seem to fear the unpredictability of the magic that touches the hearts of consumers. When it comes to advertising, I want less certainty and more gut feel and creativity. 

If you are really after profit, the tighter the bond you generate with your most cherished consumers, the more power, growth and profit your brand will realize. 

Make advertising your consumer will love. 

I spent my whole career resisting certainty. I had this weird quirk, that if an entire room agreed on something, that must mean we are playing it way too safe. There should be a slight fear and unknown. 

My job is to explain branding, but I am willing to leave room for that little bit of unknown that makes brands magical. 

  • Steve Jobs insisted on using the rarest of Italian glass to cover the Manhattan Apple store.  He needed the store at the corner of 5th Avenue and 57th. ROI?  Well, I was on a double-decker bus tour of Manhattan, when everyone stood up in unison to photograph the Apple store.
  • Nearly every car company has an electric car sitting in their showroom. But, Elon Musk of Tesla managed to get 300,000 people to put $1,000 down for a vehicle that did not yet exist.
  • I see that the Trader Joe’s parking lot is packed, and they outsell Whole Foods on a square foot basis, even though they have less than 10% of the items that an average grocery store carries, most use their Trader Joes brand name, and nothing is ever on sale. 
  • How does Starbucks sell an average cup of coffee for five bucks? The personality of those serving make you feel good for a tiny moment of the day, and that alone feels like it is worth way more than five bucks. 
  • Have you ever tried to get a 4-year-old to sit still? Impossible, until you give them a few pieces of Lego and let that trigger the wildness of their imaginations for hours.

Were these great ideas driven by algorithms? No way. 

We built our history of marketing through magic. Advertising legend, Bill Bernbach, made us think small or try harder. Walt Disney who made us love a mouse and seven dwarfs. Steve Jobs who put 10,000 songs in our pockets without a recording contract. Coke got a 100 college kids on a hill in Italy to teach the world to sing. Oprah told audience members to look under their seats. 

Pure magic.

Marketing research experts suggest that the right balance between brand building and transactional advertising should be a 60/40 split that favors building your brand first. Let me use the analogy of the jar we keep at our front door, where we put our loose coins. Brand building is like adding a few coins for when you need it, whereas transactional ads are like taking a few coins from the jar. If all you do is trigger sales transactions, eventually you will have no coins left in the jar. Same for your brand. If all you do is keep telling consumers to buy your brand now, eventually they will forget why they should ever buy your brand.

The best of marketers I’ve worked look into the eyes of the consumers and listen to their words. They can piece together consumer insight that reflects how the consumer feels, equal to what the highest paid psychologists could do. We touch the consumer and hope they say back to us “that’s exactly how I feel, I thought I was the only one who felt that way.”

Be careful that more does not mean better.

I crave more high-pitched debate, and desire to see lots more gut instinct.

I’d want to see someone in the meeting room fighting to do great work, and those who question with logic eventually give in because they can now feel the passion for the advertising work. I once told my wife I would quit, if one of my ads didn’t get made. But, I never had to quit because I made sure they got made.

I thirst for us to do something unexpected, whether we know it will work or not. 

A boss who says “Let’s give it a shot.”

I want us to make consumers swoon, cry, tingle, laugh, fall in love or get goosebumps.

I dream of the day in the future, when marketing will be big. 

Push for greatness. Never settle. 

You will find this type of thinking in my book, Beloved Brands.


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