Bell Let’s Talk is a great campaign for mental health

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The reality is we are all impacted by mental health, whether ourselves or those around us, and Bell Canada is doing something about it. 

Bell Let’s Talk Day is an annual social media campaign where the corporation donates money to mental health funds based on the number of texts, tweets, and usages of their hashtag #bellletstalk on the day. Since its founding in 2010, the campaign has raised over $93 million for various mental health programs around Canada, with hundreds of millions of interactions registered across various forms of communications-based media.

On this day, you can see it all over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. For every interaction, Bell Canada will donate 5 cents. It all adds up:

  • On Twitter, every use of the hashtag or view of the video posted on Bell’s account counts as one interaction.
  • For Facebook, every use of the photo frame and view of the video.
  • With Instagram, every view of the video
  • On Snapchat, every use of the LetsTalk geofilter and view of the video.

Aside from the raising of money, it is getting people talking openly about mental health, letting everyone know they are not alone. Teens are hearing that it is acceptable.


Bell owns the #1 TV station (CTV) and #1 sports station and various radio stations and newspapers across the country. All day, they are interviewing various celebrities and sports figures about what they have gone through in terms of mental health. Discussions are getting more honest every year.

Bell Let's Talk

What I love the most is seeing teens listening and engaging with the program. The more we can say “it’s ok, it’s normal, seek help” the better off we’ll be.

Here’s a great interview with Toronto Maple Leafs coach, Mike Babcock:

Each year, the LetsTalk program supports dozens of local charities and outreach programs. To date, over 500 different community fund grants have been given out. The program also distributes ‘major gifts’ consisting of larger amounts of money donated to high profile institutions, often in partnership with governments and other charity organizations.

Fantastic job Bell.