Nike’s Kaepernick ad shows that it stands by what they believe.

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Colin Kaepernick is the new face of the ad campaign. With a nation divided on the issue, Nike’s Kaepernick ad certainly captures the attention of the sports world.

Nike’s Kaepernick ad is released on social media

Nike Colin KaepernickAll this firestorm started with a Tweet on Monday night by Nike’s Kaepernick ad. Everything took off from there.

Everyone took their own side, and the back and forth on Tuesday was a social media firestorm.

The stock price fell 2-3% in one day.  We are now day 3 and the stock has steadied itself. Truth be told, the results of this stance should be judged 3-5 years from now, not 3-5 days later.

Nike definitely supporting their athletes. These ads will get more high profile athletes to want to sign up with Nike….and over time the 15-year-old athletes will buy MORE Nike (at a rate of 3 to 5 pair/year) offsetting the 55-year-old non-athlete not buying (at a rate of 1 pair/year).

I believe Nike wins this math equation.

Explaining the “Just Do It” campaign

Over the last 30 years of Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign, you can see how they balance high profile athletes like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods with your average athletes going above and beyond their athletic expectations.

Nike’s creative idea of “Just do it” reflects the strategic brand idea of, “Nike pushes you beyond your athletic boundaries.” Nike has made the most of TV advertising, layering in new stories supporting the “Just do it” creative idea. Here are some of the best Nike TV ads:

  • Michael Jordan’s “Failure” ad has him speaking about the many times he has been entrusted with the last  shot, only to fail to deliver.
  • With “Jogger” from the 2012 London Olympics, Nike used a heavy-set kid jogging at 6 a.m., to show how not all of us are superstars and challenges the average athlete inside all of us.
  • “No Excuses” has an unknown athlete speak to camera and list all possible excuses for not working out, only to pull the camera back and reveal he is a wheelchair basketball player who has no excuses.
  • With “Freestyle,” Nike created a hip-hop track and then matched visuals of NBA stars bouncing basketballs to that track. Very visually and musically engaging, this ad makes you look up at the TV. 
  • “If you let me play sports” from the early 1990s, an emotional ad that speaks to all the life benefits for girls who play sports. Adolescent girls deliver the copy lines of “If you let me play sports, I will have more confidence, be more likely to leave a man who beats me or suffer less depression

Nike’s Kaepernick ad was released on YouTube a couple of days later

Nike’s Kaepernick ad combines a lot of the greatness we’ve seen from Nike over the past 30 years of “Just Do It”, with a combination of superstars such as Lebron and Serena with those overcoming the most serious of life challenges. With Colin Kaepernick as the voice over, it takes a political stance and adds a bit of controversy.

This might be one of the best Nike ads I’ve ever seen.

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