A tool for CMOs to use in evaluating their marketing team

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The best brand leaders are strong on analytics, strategic thinking, positioning,  brand plans, and marketing execution. As a CMO, where do you think your marketing team has a gap? If you want better performance results, then invest in making your team stronger.


Beloved Brands marketing model

How good is your marketing team?

For each of 5 major elements, I have broken down each into 4 key skills a marketer must-have. That provides a total of 20 overall skills. I have provided definitions for you to think about when assessing your own team.

Brand Manager Skills



For the CMO, I would encourage you to do an evaluation using our scorecard. See how your team stacks up against your own expectations. Use this tool to identify any of the potential gaps in your marketing team.

For each element, score each individual on your marketing team from 1 to 5.

  • 5 means they are exceptional in that element.
  • 4 means they are very strong.
  • 3 says they are solid performers.
  • 2 would mean they fall below your own expectations.
  • 1 means they are unable to perform that skill.

Once you have completed the evaluation, you can provide an overall score to identify how well you are doing. Unless they score in the 80 or 90% zone they likely need help. Not only that, but their performance is also likely holding back the performance of your brand.

How good is your marketing team?

The role of the CMO is to make your marketing team smarter

Focus on your people, and the results will come. Smart people produce great work and in turn outstanding results. You should have a regular review of the talent with your directors. Build a system to provide feedback to everyone on the marketing team, preferably on a quarterly basis. 

CMOs should invest in marketing training and development. Marketing Training is not just on the job. Balance with workshop training to give your people the skills. Marketing fundamentals matter. Right now, marketers need more marketing skills training. Your people need to know how to strategic thinking, define their brand’s positioning statement, write a Brand Plan, write a Creative Brief and judge advertising. People are NOT getting the same development they did in prior generations. Investing in marketing training, not only makes them better, but it also motivates them to know that you are investing in them.  

1. Brand analytics 

Can your people turn data into analytical storytelling?

  • You will learn how to build a deep-dive business review on the brand, looking at the market, consumers, competitors, channels, and brand.
  • To start, you will learn the smart analytical principles that will challenge your thinking and help you gain more support by telling analytical stories through data.
  • We teach you the steps to complete a deep-dive Business Review that will help assess the health and wealth of the business, looking at the category, consumer, competitors, channels, and brand. We show key formulas you need to know for financial analysis.
  • Your marketing team will learn how to turn your analysis into a presentation for management, showing the ideal presentation slide format. We provide a full example of a business review, with a framework for every type of analysis, to use on your own brand.
  • You will learn how to turn your analytical thinking into making projections by extrapolating data into the future.

2. Strategic Thinking

Does your marketing team focus on the right elements of your business?

Strategic Thinking is an essential foundation for Marketers, to inspire them to ask big questions that challenge and focus their decisions.

  • You will learn how to think strategically, by asking the right questions before reaching for solutions, mapping out a range of decision trees that intersect and connect by imagining how events will play out.
  • To start, we take you through the 8 elements of good strategy: vision, opportunity, focus, speed, early win, leverage, and gateway. We introduce a forced choice to help Marketers make focused decisions.
  • We emphasize the value of asking good questions, using five interruptive questions to help frame your brand’s strategy. And, this helps to look at the brand’s core strength, consumer involvement, competitive position, the brand’s connectivity with the consumers and the internal situation the brand faces.
  • As a result, you will learn how to build strategic statements to set up a smart strategic brand plan.

3. Brand Positioning

Can your marketing team define your brand?

  • Our program shows how to write a classic Brand Positioning statement with four key elements: target market, competitive set, main benefit and reason to believe (RTB).
  • We introduce our Consumer Benefit ladder tool, which starts with the consumer target, with insights and enemies. We layer in the brand features. Then, we force you to get in the consumer’s shoes and ask “what do I get” to find the functional benefits and ask “how does this make me feel” to find the emotional benefits.
  • You will have access to the unique tool that provides the top 50 potential functional and top 40 emotional benefits. This helps Marketers stretch their minds yet narrow in on those that are most motivating and own-able for the brand.
  • Then, we show how to build an Organizing Big Idea that leads every aspect of your brand, including a promise, story, innovation, purchase moment and experience.


4. Brand Plans

Can your marketing team write a Brand Plan for everyone to follow?

  • We demonstrate how to write each component of the Brand Plan, looking at vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies and tactics. And, we provide definitions and examples to inspire Marketers on how to write each component.
  • You will have a full example of a Brand Plan, with a framework to use. Marketers can try out the concepts on their own brand with hands-on coaching and feedback to challenge them.
  • We show how to build Marketing Execution plans as part of the overall brand plan, looking at a Brand Communications Plan, Innovation Plan, In-store plan and Experiential plan. This gives the strategic direction to everyone in the organization.
  • We also offer unique 1-page formats for an Annual Plan and Long-Range Strategic RoadMap.


Marketing Execution

Can your marketing team judge, decide and give direction to agencies?

You will learn how to judge and decide on execution options that breakthrough to consumers and motivates them to take action.

  • We provide Marketers with tools and techniques for judging communication concepts from your agencies, as well as processes for making decisions and providing effective feedback. We talk about the crucial role of the brand leader in getting amazing marketing execution for your brand.
  • To start, we teach how to make marketing decisions with the ABC’S, so you can choose great ads and reject bad ads looking at tools such as Attention (A), Branding (B), Communication (C) and Stickiness (S)
  • You learn how to provide an advertising direction that inspires and challenges the agency to deliver great execution. You will learn about how to be a better client so you can motivate and inspire your agency.


Time to step up and invest in training for your marketing team

The smartest plan for your people is to identify the gap areas. And, then look through each of the modules to see which one would be best suited to help them. We can certainly customize any program to meet your needs. One of the best ways to drive long-term business results from your brands is to ensure you have a strong marketing team in place. At Beloved Brands, we can develop a tailored program that will work to make your team better. Regardless of industry, the fundamentals of Brand Leadership matter.

For the CMO, in terms of connecting with your people, training is one of the greatest motivators for teams and individuals. Not only do people enjoy the sessions, they see the investment you are making as one more reason to want to stay. They are focused on their careers and want to get better. If you can be part of that, you will retain your best people.

Our brand training program can be executed to meet your needs whether that’s in:

  • Workshop format or small team training.
  • Coaching, either in a team setting or one-on-one.
  • Mentoring to high-potential managers or executives.
  • Skype video or webinar style for remote locations.
  • Lunch-and-learn style

A smarter marketing team will lead to better work and stronger brand performance results