McDonald’s creates their own system of traffic signs out of the golden arches

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McDonald’s outdoor ads have added to our traffic signs around the world. They have taken a part of the iconic golden arches and turned into direction signs.

McDonald's outdoor ads



The other day, I saw one of these outdoor McDonald’s ads and it captured me right away. And, I knew the brand and I wanted McDonald’s fries right now!!! Today, I saw the whole system of signs and I am completely blown away. I must say it was one of the most brilliant executions I have seen in a while. I had one of those why didn’t I think of this?” moments. I am jealous. I wish I made this. And, those are the natural signals of when you know you have made great work. Congratulations to Cossette Agency.


  • I love the simplicity of using the brand’s logo.
  • The potential consistency across cities and countries would make it instantly recognizable and ownable for the brand.
  • It will have the ability to tempt consumers, as it will be one more visual triggers of desire for the brand.
  • Wow. Nice job McDonald’s.

And now, you owe it to us to get this in 80 countries fast. Go.


Here’s a 45-second video to showcase the outdoor system.

The smart and creative thinking behind great advertising

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When ads are different but not smart, they will entertain consumers, but do nothing for your brand. You need advertising that is smart enough to trigger the desired consumer response to match your brand strategy.

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