New Lego Mosaic allows you to make your face out of Lego

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Lego is all about imagination. The brand is one of the best illustrations of the difference between a product and a brand. While the product is a mere brick, the brand idea of ‘imagination’ comes to life through the magical play value that Lego creates with kids, as they can really do whatever they want with those little mosaic photo face london store

In London’s new Lego store, the brand uses a traditional photo booth to scan your face and then produce a personalized box of lego bricks that will help you recreate your own face using their bricks.

This is an amazing consumer experience. It would be the perfect gift for someone and the perfect experience that consumers will want to share with their own little world. The next step for Lego will be to create an on-line so you can send in your photo–whether it is  your kid, spouse or even your dog and have it made into lego.

Here’s a video that shows the entire process come to life:


The Lego brand is all about imagination. The brand reaches 100 million kids around the world. As today’s parents fight the temptations of video games, they are trying to return to simpler games that forces their kids to think. As a result, the Lego brand has seen revenue growth of 10 to 25% per year this decade.

Lego brings imagination to life

This is one of my all time favorite print ad campaigns. No copy at all, yet it has a defined target, a consumer insight, a consumer benefit and an easy to distinguish big idea of “Bringing imagination to life” that defines the Lego brand.  Amazing.


The pathway to brand success is now all about building relationships

The best brands of today engage in a strategy that follows a very similar path to the rituals of a courtship. Through the eyes of consumers, brands start as complete strangers and if successful, they move into something similar to a trusted friendship. As the consumer begins to open up, they allow their emotions to take over and without knowing, they begin to love the brand. As the brand weaves itself into the best moments of the consumer’s life, the consumer becomes an outspoken fan, an advocate and one of the many ‘brand lovers’ who cherish the brand. From the strategic mind of the marketer, this follows a very similar pattern to the strategies of a successful courtship.

The brand could move into a position where the consumer sees it as a forever choice. lego brandTo replicate how brand building matches up with the building of a relationship, I have created the Brand Love Curve, as consumers move through five stages including unknown, indifferent, like it, love it and onto the beloved brand status. This Brand Love Curve is an anchor used throughout the book to help guide the choices a brand should make to move the relationship along to the next stage. Where the brand sits on the curve guides the decisions the brand leader will make on the brand strategy and tactics, brand communication including advertising, public relationship and social media, the product innovation and the building of the culture that fuels the consumer experience with the brand. The vision of every brand should be to move the relationship with your consumers to the next stage, to become more loved by consumers, which increases the power and profit potential for the brand.

A brand like Lego is one of the most beloved brands around the world. The brand does an amazing job at surprising and delighting their most cherished brand fans. The last few year, Lego has even brought their brand to life through the Lego movie. That looked like a high risk brand move, but has been incredibly successful with a core audience. Lego also uses amazing in-store displays of their brand to tempt their fans into wanting to try the more challenging puzzles they offer.

Lego uses imagination to inspire new ways to delight their brand fans

Here is one of our workshop we run on how to create a beloved brand. I hope some of the ideas here can inspire you on your own brand.

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