I love this daring and beautiful move by Coke

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Coca-Cola-personalised-bottlesLast year, I thought it was a mistake when Coke launched personalized labels on their product. I worried about all the logistics, inventory, at shelf waste and whether consumers would really care. Well, I was wrong. It worked and Coke saw a hard-fought share gain during the feel-good promotion. I never did find a “Graham” label yet, but I have come around to really liking that promotion.  

And now, Coke has removed their label completely.

This year, Coke has removed the logos from its packaging in the Middle East, during Ramadan. The visual is somewhat startling but it serves to make a powerful statement that encourages people not to judge each other by their label. coca-cola-middle-east-no-label-ramadan-2015-750

On the other side of the can, Coke has the main message of their campaign: “Labels are meant for cans, not for people”

coke-labels-writingI love the supporting viral video

The ad is a 3-minute long video, so Coke is likely hoping that it has a lot of viral shares (1.5 million so far is a bit soft). It starts with six people at a round table completely in the dark. As they each introduce themselves and tell their personal story, we see how their appearance does not match up to the stereotype you’d expect. Once they turn on the lights, they are all surprised at how they each look.

To me, this is a daring move for Coke. It’s not always easy for brands to make political statements. For this campaign, the beauty is the lack of a “political” statement. It’s not divisive at all.The next daring move for Coke will be to roll this out in the US. Other brands have tried to play in a similar space. The most recent attempt by Starbucks with the “Race Together” campaign, where the barista wrote #racetogether on the cups of customers and were even encouraged to engage in conversations about race relations. That’s a bit much for a brand. Starbucks pulled the campaign as it was seen as too politically hot for some customers. Some people assumed Starbucks was picking sides against the Police.   

Great job Coke: This is the type of work I wish I made!!!