No brand does Social Media better than Taylor Swift

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B2WXKxRIUAA8EY-Yes, every star these days has millions of fans following them on Twitter and Instagram. But it’s what Taylor Swift does with her following that really separates her out from the pack, and helps turn her into a Beloved Brand.  I know you want to be cynical and think “well, she likely has a team of people”.  Yes she does, but she has the vision, direction and final say for how her brand is portrayed. Justin Bieber might have similar followers, but in between throwing eggs at the neighbor’s house or driving too fast, the most interesting thing he ever tweets is “Hello Chicago” on the morning of his concert or dropping the names of other celebrities that he’s hanging out with. It reminds me of Michael Jackson back in the 1980s–everyone was using video, but MJ was just using it better than everyone. 

I’m not a fan of TSwizzle’s music, but she does an amazing job portraying herself as an average girl living a celebrity life. She tries to do “normal things” that someone her age would do for her friends, and in this case she treats her fans as though they are her friends.The creative programs Taylor does choose give you a feeling that it’s not just about awareness, but rather about connecting. She uses surprise and delight marketing in many of the things she does, which is a great tool that bridges “pop star” lifestyle with the “average girl” image.   

Here are 5 brilliant and highly creative on-line moves by Taylor Swift that connect her on a deeper level with her followers:

1. Taylor woke up and flew to Ohio to surprise a fan by going to her bridal shower. She appears like a long-lost friend, hugging everyone and talking with ease among her “friends”.

2. While very small in nature, she has been well-known to just lurk around and comment on randomly comment on people’s Instagram page. Imagine how huge it is when her name randomly show up one day.  She’s even taken it a step further by providing advice to fans on Instagram–the type of advice that a friend would provide. 


3. This year, “Swiftmas” gifts to fan, where they actually studied the social media pages of certain fans to give them gifts that were relevant to that person’s life–just like a friend–plus long hand-written notes. She visited one long-term fan with gifts for her son–spending two hours with the family. Just watch the reaction of these fans. This video has over 14 million hits.

4.  Taylor wrote a compassionate and supporting note on Instagram to a Fan who was bullied. Bullying is a very important topic and this note generated tons of positive PR for Taylor.


5.  Visiting a Boston’s Children’s Hospital. What shows up in this video is how casual Taylor is–from having an un-tuned guitar to not overly prepared what to sing to a viral filming of the visit. 

Through each of these programs, Taylor Swift appears very open, authentic and genuine in her approach to fans. She grew up in such a video/on-line/social media world, that taking selfies, tweeting about waking up late and commenting people’s Instagram pages are just very “normal” things to do.

Taylor Swift uses Social Media to show up as”just an average girl”

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