Weight Watchers takes a compelling consumer insight and manages to anger me

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When I saw this ad, my mouth fell open as I watched.  There was something compelling and revolting about this ad, which leaves me confused about how I felt.  Here’s the ad:


I applaud client and agency for using consumer insights in their ads. Too many ads all about the product (what do we do) and not enough about the consumer (what does the consumer get) And, I recognize that in a crowded category, the tone of these Weight Watchers ads did some take some risk to stand out as being different. It certainly grabbed my attention, and during the ad, I said “who the hell is making this ad?”.

However, it’s such a weird deliSlide1very of the consumer insight. Yes, it is a fact that people eat because they are sad, down, stressed, bored or lonely.The dictionary definition of the word insight is “seeing below the surface”. To get deeper, keep asking yourself “so what does that mean for the consumer” until you have an “A-HA moment”. Ask what are the beliefs, attitudes or behaviors that help explain how they think, feel or act in relationship to your brand or category? At Beloved Brands our definition of Insight is Quite Different. Insight is not something that consumers never knew before.  That would be knowledge or news, but not insight.  It’s not data or fact about your brand that you want to tell.  Real insight goes a layer or two deeper to help with the cause and effect.  Oddly enough, Insight is something that everyone already knows.  Here is our definition: Insight comes to life when it’s told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “hmm, I thought I was the only who felt like that”.

While I think people will get these ads, those looking to lose weight will be slightly offended. As someone who has lost the same 10 pounds many times in my life, I know the struggles of managing my weight. I know it’s about control and that I need to find other ways to counter the boredom and stress. I know it’s hard and I know that I likely need help.But making fun of me, even poking me just a little, will not make me want your help. I’d rather turn to someone who makes me feel positive, encouraged and optimistic that I can do it. The best ads use insight to connect and this ad repels consumers away, taking a well-known insight and delivering it in a hurtful, degrading and de-humanizing way. The best ads get on the side of the consumer and provide a rational and emotional benefit–this ad only articulates the problem. Consumers buy solutions more than they buy problems, so sell the solution. The best ads create a space that is unique for their brand, making them seem better or different. This ad is a basic “brought to you by” type ad, where the brand name said at the end is enough to move us. In a crowded weight loss category with many choices, this ad needs to say more about Weight Watchers that separates them fro the other brands. I hope they pull the ad, before diet season hits in 4 more weeks.    

Enough of negative messaging. Here’s an ad with a similar insight, but twists it in a motivating and challenging way. This ad gets me to the gym!!!

Use consumers insights to engage and connect with consumers

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