McDonald’s takes a wonderful Advertising idea…and makes a complete disaster out of it

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Mcdonalds-logoI loved their “Ask McDonald’s” idea last year. But this latest stuff, is just awful. For some reason, McDonald’s in Canada has decided they feel so insecure they need to tell us that they actually use meat, potatoes and chicken in their food.  I think we all knew they sort of do, but no one is really thinking this is Ruth’s Chris quality or even Five Guys quality.  You get what you pay for and that’s ok. I love how open McDee’s has become and have changed my order once I saw my favourite Angus burger was 780 calories.  

I remember one night I ended up playing poker with a Cattle Farmer and around 2am, I asked him “how good is the quality of McDonald’s beef?” and he said you can always tell the McDonald’s guy at the auction because he’s the guy in the front row getting all excited when they walk out a limping mal-nourished cow.

The Wonderful Idea:  Wow

About a year ago, in McDonald’s “we use meat” campaign, they released a very cute, warm-hearted video that attempts to answer consumers questions, openly and honestly.

The question was “why does your food look different in the advertising than what it does in store?”  This is a great video that shows the how and why they do certain things, a cute way to show how trustworthy McDonald’s is.  A year ago, I talked about this as one of the best uses of social media I had seen.  As it passed around on Facebook and Twitter, it generated over 10 million views.  Have a look:


That’s a beautiful video and I can safely say I’m jealous that I didn’t make that.  That’s how good it is.

As a marketer, when you do something right, you should immediately ask “how can we do that again?”.  I know this inhibits creativity bla bla bla, but don’t you want to get another 10 million positive minded views.  I know the temptation is to build on the idea, but this might be a great case where stepping sideways might have been just as good.  But it seems McDonald’s got some great results and then got a bit arrogant, figuring being honest can never be wrong.  Well, sorta. 

The Awful Pool Out:   Yikes

As the old saying goes, “if you ever saw how saussages were made, you may never eat them again”.   The same could be said for chicken nuggets, so here’s the next question McDonald’s decided to take head on with the question:  “What is legitimately in McNuggets, is there pink goop?”   This video takes guts, to make, but also to watch.  I didn’t want to watch it.  So yes, I no longer have a visual of pink goop in my head but now I have this visual of ground up chicken in a blender.

I don’t think consumers want to see hanging chicken in a plant setting, the de-boning line, ground up chicken in a big blender, battered and frozen chicken.  I know this helps close some urban legend about McDonald’s, but this video makes me want to eat less McNuggets, not more.

One simple question:  Will this video make you want to eat more Nuggets, less Nuggets, or the same amount?   I think I’ll keep eating McNuggets 5x a year, as long as I can get this video out of my head by then.

It gets even worse:  This is what’s on TV

OK, I can see how these videos are getting past around on line.  But this is the TV ad that McDonald’s created to send viewers to their website.  The problem with the video is that it uses a classic problem/solution style TV ad, but only talks about the problem, making you do the work to go find out the solution.  


The take away from this ad is not good.  If I’m too lazy to go on line, I’d be worried you’re adding to the mythology than helping.  I hear pink goop, I hear beaks, and I don’t want to learn more.  I’m predicting this sells less chicken McNuggets.  

I commend McDonald’s for their Honesty.  But not for their lack of sound judgement. 

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