Google ad will make you cry, without understanding a word

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The first time I saw this Google ad from India, even though I could not understand the language. And, I realized the great storytelling was obvious enough to follow. What a great example of emotional and creative advertising.

Years ago, there was this old P&G advertising guy who always said: “you know you have a good TV ad if you can turn the sound off and still understand your ad.” Try that rule and see if it works on this Google ad.

Google Advertising India Reunion Old Friends make you cry

Google "reunion" from India

Here is a new Google ad where there is no English at all and yet the story is easy to follow. I watched it without understanding one word and was able to follow along. And I cried. 

Google India
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Beautifully shot, 3 1/2 minutes, this Google ad feels more like a mini-movie than a TV ad. It stays authentic to the culture, with great visuals, music, and language. A story is simple–about two friends who have not seen other since their childhoods.

With Google, it shows how much we look up, find, track, or just check any little thing that makes our lives just a little bit easier. The Google ad captures our attention, getting millions of likes already as it’s being passed around social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. It involves the brand without too much branding. The tears generated at the end makes you want to pass it on, so they can experience what you just did. Well done.

Google "Paris"

Another Google ad uses nothing but words, typed into the search bar, yet, Google is able to tell a romantic story.

Google TV ad
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