What is a Beloved Brand?

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Being a Beloved Brand gives a brand a tighter connection with their consumer.  That connection becomes a source of power and a source of brand value. 

Beloved = Connection = Power = Profitability

Follow the presentation below:

Executive Summary

  • Everything starts and ends with the consumer in mind.  Consumers move along the “LOVE CURVE” going from Indifferent to Like It to Love It, and then they’ll make it their Brand For Life.  The farther along the curve, the more connected consumers are to the brand.
  • As a brand, you need to know who your consumer is, how they live and what’s important to them. Understand who is not your consumer, realizing you don’t need to be liked by all, but loved by those that really matter.
  • Love the work you do and consumers will love you back.  If you don’t love the work, then how do you expect your consumer to fall in love with your brand? Reject all work that is “just ok”.
  • The Connection and Love  that Consumers have for a Brand becomes a Source of Power for a brand, helping to change the dynamic the brand can have with suppliers, customers, competitors and even with the consumers themselves.
  • The “Love Curve” can be linked to the Brand Funnel which becomes the underlying scoreboard of the brand.  You can use the funnel to map out the buying process for the consumer, identifying both strategy and tactics to move them along the funnel towards being more loved.
  • Used properly, the Power of the Brand can help drive the P&L with four important levers:  driving increased price, lowering costs, increasing share, creating new markets.
  • A powerful connected brand is much more efficient.  And that efficiency can leverage the P&L to invest back in the brand’s connectivity and driveProfitand in turn create Value for the Brand.

About Graham Robertson:  I’m a marketer at heart, who loves everything about brands. I love great TV ads, I love going into grocery stores on holidays and I love seeing marketers do things I wish I came up with. I’m always eager to talk with marketers about what they want to do.   My background includes CPG marketing at companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer Consumer, General Mills and Coke.  I do executive training of executives and brand managers, helping on strategy, brand planning, advertising and profitability. If you have interest for your team, email me and we can customize a program to your needs.  For Powerpoint versions of Building a Career in Beloved Brands as well as other team learning presentations, visit Slide Share Learning Presentations

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