World Vision TV Ads: Do you think these are highly effective or disgusting?

9765065_origIt’s obvious that World Vision does amazing work.  And it’s an incredibly important cause.  In fact, my wife and I have been donating to World Vision for the past 15 year.  But these ads are very disturbing to me.   I’m not sure the tone of these ads convey what I’m supporting.  Yes, they are arresting and will capture attention, but it feels like the attempt at shock value humor could turn consumers away rather than connect with the cause.  

world_visionLike any charity the goal should to raise more money to support the cause and related work.  These ads are likely trying to raise more money from those who already support the cause.  While the ad community will love the creativity of the ads, I’m worried the tone is wrong and will cause even less donations.  Not more.  

Creatively, do you make people feel really bad about the problem, or do you make people feel good about the progress you are making? 

I do not like these at all.  The tone feels way off.  What’s your view?  
Poll: Will these ads raise MORE or LESS money for World Vision?

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