Best Super Bowl ads of 2018, based on whether I would spent the money

Best super bowl AdsHere are the Best Super Bowl Ads. As a former client side Brand Leader, I only ever judge an Ad based on whether I would have spent the money to make it. Super Bowl Ads are high-profile, and a big financial investment. While none of this year’s Ads will make my All time Top 10 list, there were a handful I would have invested in.


Is the Super Bowl a good media choice for your brand?

When it comes to your media, your strategy should determine how much you can invest. Have you discovered a new brand message that you know will motivate consumers to buy your brand? Have you Identified change in the consumer needs, motivations or behaviors that will benefit your brand.Has there been a shift in the competitive dynamic, with an opportunity to make gains or a necessity to defend? Are you continuing to fuel brand growth, with a window to drive brand profits? Is there a new distribution channel you can use to move consumers through, before competitors do? Have you launched a breakthrough product innovation that offers a competitive advantage to your brand? While the Super Bowl is a huge investment, if done right, it can actually be a more efficient brand spend than paying for a 30-second spot on Big Bang Theory on your average Tuesday. It all depends on the creative. During a Super Bowl game, we tend to see some of the best…..and my god, some of the worst Ads of all time.


Does your Ad have branded breakthrough and a motivating message?

The Brand Leaders who are good at advertising can get great Ads on the air, and keep bad Ads off the air. You need to make decisions to find the sweet spot where your brand’s Advertising is both different and smart.

To be different, you need to achieve branded breakthrough, using creativity to capture consumers, not only gaining their attention within the clutter of the market, but linking your brand closely to the story. To be smart, you need a motivating message to make sure you communicate the main message to connect with consumers in a memorable way, and make sure the ad stick enough to move consumers to see, think, feel or act differently than before they saw the Ad.

I always use the principles for achieving Attention, Brand Link, Communication and Stickiness—the model I call the ABC’S.

Here are the 5 Ads I would have paid for:


Tide stole the evening. While Tide has a dominant share, I have zero emotional feelings for Tide. The brand is so stoically cold, I have never seen any Tide Ad in the past 40 years I have liked. Till last night. I actually found myself wanting to see the next Tide Ad. And a few times, I said “this is a Tide Ad” and I was wrong. But still laughing my ass off.

And then there was this one, using their sister brand, “Old Spice”. When this came on, I said “oh good, finally a new Old Spice Ad”.  Nope, a Tide Ad.

Then I saw a Clydesdale horse, ready to cry. Nope, it’s a Tide Ad. Damn.

Tide is a dominant Power Player brand. They have the financial resources to do this type of Ad once a year. High on attention, strong branding, still tells cleaning message and sticks in the consumer’s mind. I’m sure the overnight recall for “A Tide Ad” is 90%. I’d buy it.

Amazon Alexa

It was a weak evening for technology. But Amazon Alexa was great. With a new product innovation, it naturally generates Attention, and used a highly creative demo to communicate the benefits of the brand. Nice use of a few celebs who fit their role. Very funny, to create some good talk value. I’d buy it.



This Ad spoke to those consumers who love the Jeep Wrangler. It was a 30-second one take product demonstration. I bet if you ask Jeep lovers, this Ad perfectly epitomizes their view of the brand. While the masses might not remember by this ad today. I am guessing at every water cooler or Facebook page, the Jeep owners are quietly saying “I like the Jeep Ad”. Maybe lose half the copy of the voice over. Let the quietness of the Ad speak for itself. Plus, that voice over seemed to be talking to the Ad industry, not Joe Average Jeep owner. But,  I’d buy it.


One of my top 10 all time favorite ads was the Dodge “And god created a farmer” ad with the voice of Paul Harvey from 2012. It was such a captivatingly quiet Ad. So last night, I could tell the MLK ad was Ram’s, but the music was annoying me. Last I checked, Dr. King doesn’t need background music. I’d buy it, but I’d ask for the music to be gone.

Compare that ad with the Dodge Ram ad from the 2012. See what I mean by the lack of sound is what captures you. Now watch the MLK ad and imagine without the music.

Doritos and Mountain Dew

I feel for the Doritos team for having to come up with a hit every Super Bowl Ad. Maybe not way out there, but a solid 8/10. Highly entertaining rap to launch a product innovation, followed by Morgan Freeman with Mountain Dew. While I love Morgan Freeman rapping and dancing, the brand link and message was not as clear. I’d buy the Doritos and think twice about the Mountain Dew. Maybe I’d use the Morgan Freeman script on a salt and vinegar Doritos.

That’s my shopping list done. There were a ton of Ads. Lots of crap last night. I will remember Tide, maybe not in my top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time, but maybe in my top 25.

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Were you fooled by the true political message behind any Super Bowl ads? #AlternativeFacts


The day after the Super Bowl is the usual time for people to talk about Super Bowl ads. This year, with everyone hot about the election, it is not surprising that those that rose to the top have a political message. People are talking about Airbnb, Budweiser, 84 Lumber and Audi.

However, as consumers start to dig in a little deeper, there are a few ads who are missing out on the truth behind a few of the spots.  The two ads that might not be as expected, or as we would say in 2017, they might have alternative facts are:

  • 84 Lumber
  • Audi

I have seen people tweeting, “That’s it. I am now going to buy more lumber” which is foolish or “I am a loyal fan of Budweiser, I’m never buying a Bud again” which is just as foolish. The reality of aligning yourself to a political message is it is the slowest way to gain customers and the fastest way to lose customers. A bunch of strategists of the world are saying “if you are purpose driven, you have to stay purpose driven”.  That’s OK, but what does that have to do with politics?

84 Lumber

On Monday morning, everyone on my Facebook has been talking about the “84 Lumber” spot. Ad Age and AdWeek have it on their top spot. OK, people, a lumber company who I never ever heard of just spent $10 Million on a 2 minute ad to send you to their website to see a 5 minute version.  Wait, what’s the brand name again, 84 Lumber. Ok, I forgot since I typed it 2 minutes ago.

So I  watched the 5 minute video and I was confused.



Is this a pro-immigration ad, or an anti-immigration ad?  What does the door opening mean? Does it mean that America is an open door filled with opportunity to realize the american dream? It might.  Or does it mean the wall will have a door that is a legal way to get into America? It might. Most of the left believed it means opportunity and they love the ad. The right also believed it was pro immigration, so they hate the ad. Apparently, the 84 Lumber CEO is a staunch Trump supporter and came out on Monday and said:

“We need to keep America safe. America needs to be safe so you and I can have the liberty to talk. The wall, I think it represents, to me, security. I like security.”

So, 84 Lumber who is a B2B brand focused on a very niche audience should never be in the Super Bowl have now run the risk of pissing off the left and right. Why did 84 Lumber spend $10-15 Million?  They say ‘awareness’.  Well, you have some short-term awareness, as both sides will now hate you. But who do you need awareness from? You are a B2B lumber brand. Anyway, personal marketing bias is that I hate awareness as a goal. But even worse, if you poke your nose into an issue, you better be able to stand up to the issue. 84 Lumber cannot even express what they want now. Imagine a year from now, they bid on the construction of the wall. They likely will. So how do you now feel about this ad?



I can’t blame those who feel betrayed by 84 Lumber, because that’s now I feel about Audi. I’m very pro-equality, and with an 18-year old daughter, I want her to achieve as much as she can in life. I rated this spot as my favorite Super Bowl ad.  Here’s the spot.



And here’s the script:

  • What do I tell my daughter?
  • Do I tell her that her grandpa’s worth more than her grandma? That her dad is worth more than her mom?
  • Do I tell her that despite her education, her drive, her skills, her intelligence, she will automatically be valued as less than every man she ever meets? Or maybe, I’ll be able to tell her something different.
  • Audi of America is committed to equal pay for equal work.
  • Progress is for everyone

I still love the spot, but I am not so sure Audi has earned the right to say this. There are no women who sit on Audi’s Management Board and there are only two women who sit on its 14 person American executive team. In the press release for the Super Bowl ad, the car company said it was publicly committed to supporting women’s pay equality and pointed out that half of the candidates for its graduate internship program must be female. I feel fooled by their message. Actions speak louder than words. Audi made me a completely hollow promise. Isn’t this the same Volkswagen company that told us about fuel emissions last year? Let’s hope this backlash can work to make Audi do more for women inside their own organization before they start challenging everyone else to do so.  So how do you now feel about this ad?

Do the #alternativefacts make you feel different about these TV ads?


I believe brands should never pick political sides. You must realize that choosing political sides after a hotly  contested election is the fastest way to lose sales and the slowest way to gain sales. Politics is ugly. Brands should stay away.

There is a difference between a cause and a political belief.

It is great to be such a purpose driven brand that you stand up for your beliefs. But, why do you feel compelled in 2017, to extrapolate your purpose into the partisan political arena? The closer you get to one side of the political aisle, the uglier it can get. When it comes to politics, people cannot see straight. There beliefs are so deep, you will not change any minds. Instead, you should expect severe blowback, which could haunt your brand for years. I still think of Chick Fil A as the brand against marriage equality. Did you know that Chick Fil A quickly backpedaling on that stance? Wait, you think a brand should stand up for itself? Once Chick Fil A took some heat, they did a 180 turn and started donating to LGBT causes just to avoid a full on boycott. Yet, in my mind, their initial statements will stick forever.Last year, Starbucks had baristas writing #racetogether on coffee cups. Seemed innocent enough, but when their customers complained, Starbucks quickly backed away. If you like that brands stick their nose out, then you must hate when they pull back at the first sign of trouble.

If you are really purpose driven, then why does it have to show up in your advertising? Why not be authentic about your purpose and line up with a cause you believe in. How about mobilizing all your employees to go clean a river or give back by teaching kids how to read, or go work at a food bank. To keep it is authentic and pure, how about you do it quietly and believe you do not even need to garner any PR. Let your actions speak louder than your words.

As a guide, there has to be truth to your advertising. If you lie, you will get caught. So next time you have an ad you love, ask them “can we really stand behind this message?”.  Looks like 84 Lumber and Audi cannot.

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