Brand Coaching

We make Brands better.  
We make Brand Leaders better.

At Beloved Brands we focus our energy on doing two things right:

  1. Brand Coaching: We promise to make Brands better by listening to the issues, providing advice that challenges you with new thinking, and a creating pathway to reaching your Brand’s full potential.
  2. Brand Leader Training: We promise to make Brand Leaders better by teaching the fundamentals and challenging you to push yourself for greatness so that you can unleash your full potential
Brand Leaders Bring Us in to find Solutions

People bring us in for Answers and we bring them Action Plans.  We have a reputation who can find growth where others can’t.  With the 20 years of experience as a Brand Leader, I’ve seen so many types of problems that I’ve likely worked on one just like yours.

Brand Leaders People generally bring me when facing one of these situations

      • Brand Turnaround or Re-Alignment
      • New Direction or New Products
      • Not getting the Growth They Want
      • Not able to Deliver in the Market
      • Embedding the Brand into the Culture 
First, We Gain an Understanding  

Every situation is unique with their own challenges.  It’s important to work to understand where the Brand stands today and what is holding the Brand back from the growth you expect.  Whether that means doing a deep dive on the business or challenging your people with key questions that will highlight the challenges facing the brand.  But I never bring off-the-shelf solutions, but unique ideas that are aligned to the understanding of your business.  

Brand Positioning

We coach Brand Leaders on creating a Brand Idea and Positioning that will help win in the market.  Where we can help you:

  • Brand Positioning Statement
  • Brand Concepts for Testing
  • Creative Briefs ready for agency
  • Brand DNA and Big Idea

Brand Planning

We coach Brand Leaders to build Strategic Plans everyone can follow, with winning execution.  Where we’ll help you:

  • Deep Dive Brand Assessments
  • Brand Strategic Road Map
  • Brand Plans
  • Marketing Execution
  • Advertising Coach
Advertising Coach

We coach Brand Leaders on creating a Brand Idea and Positioning that will help you win in the market.  Where We Can Help You

  • Review advertising process
  • Assess briefs, insights, strategy
  • Voice at creative meetings
  • Agency Selection Process
  • Advice at every stage of the process through production
Make Decisions That Drive Action

I’m a big believer in the Workshop process.  I think it’s the best way to get the decision makers in the room, push for decisions and drive the team towards action.  The most noticeable point of difference I offer is that I will challenge you with new ideas to get your brand and your team in a better position for future growth.  As the facilitator, I bring my executive experience into the room, ready to challenge the thinking and pushing for better answers.  

While anyone can recommend a strategy, I recommend a realistic strategy that drives towards action.   Quite frankly, I’m not big on consultants that just bring in big presentations that just sit on the shelf and never make it to the market.  They cost a lot, take a long time, and in general they are written by consultants that have never run a business.  Even Ad Agencies can recommend strategy, but they usually bring an agency bias and just give strategies that set up work they want to make–whether it drives growth for your business or not.  I’ve run many businesses and I understand the pressure you’re facing on driving growth.  

My promise to you is that I will get your brand in a better position for future growth

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