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training header.001We will make your team of brand leaders smarter

While you might think that having a great product, the right strategy and a winning TV ad will drive your brand, the long-term success of your brand is dependent is how good your people are. If you have great Brand Leaders, they will be on top of your business, make the necessary strategic course corrections, create better executions that connect with consumers and drive profitable growth for your brand.

One of the best ways to drive long-term business results from your brands is to ensure you have a strong marketing team in place. At Beloved Brands, we can develop a tailored program that will work to make your team better.  Regardless of industry, the fundamentals of Brand Leadership matter. In terms of connecting with your people, Training is one of the greatest motivators for teams and individuals.  Not only do people enjoy the sessions, they see the investment you’re making as one more reason to want to stay. They are focused on their careers and want to get better.  If you can be part of that, you’ll retain your best people.


The Brand Management courses we offer:

At Beloved Brands, our training center offers 10 selected courses to get you ready to succeed in Brand Management.

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The Training Program can executed to meet your needs whether that’s in:

  1. Classroom format or small team training
  2. Coaching, either in team setting or one-on-one
  3. Mentoring to high potential managers or executives.
  4. Skype video or webinar style for remote locations.
  5. Lunch and Learn Style


Workshop 1: How to think strategically
Turning focus into bigger gains for your business

Strategic thinkers see “what if” questions before seeing solutions, mapping out a range of decision trees that intersect and connect by imagining how events will play out.

  • At Beloved Brands, we believe that strategic thinking is one of the foundations from which all marketing is built upon.
  • We start with the seven elements of good strategic thinking: vision, opportunity, focus, speed, early wins, leverage and a gateway to gain bigger results.
  • We use four questions to help frame your brand’s strategy, looking at your competitive position, what is your brand’s core strength, how tightly connected is your brand with your consumer and what is the internal situation your brand faces.
  • We look at the role of brand strategy in creating a bond, power and profit.
  • We will lead you through a hands-on workshop that lets you try out concepts on your own brands with hands-on coaching to help you improve.
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Workshop 2: How to do brand analytics
Turning data into analytical story telling

Before you dive into strategy, you have to dive into the brand’s performance metrics and look at every part of the business—category, consumers, competitors, channels and brand.

  • At Beloved Brands, we show how to turn data into strategic stories that help express opinions backed by fact.
  • We start with good analytical principles and show how to assess category, consumer, channels, brand, competitors to tell health & wealth of Brand
  • We use the analysis to turn fact into insight and data breaks sets up strategic choices.
  • We show you how to turn analytical thinking into projections extrapolating data into the future, starts with what you are see in the current.
  • We summarize how to write analytical stories for management, with a hands-on workshop to develop a Business Review presentation using your own brands.
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Workshop 3: How to write a brand plan
Creating a brand plan that everyone can follow

A good Brand Plan provides a road map for everyone in the organization to follow: sales, R&D, agencies, senior leaders, even the Brand Leader who writes the plan.

  • At Beloved Brands, we explain and then show Brand Leaders how to write each element of their Brand Plans, looking at brand vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies and tactics.
  • We’ll show how your strategic options get executed in terms of media, R&D or the brand experience the culture creates behind the promise.
  • With each key term, we’ll take it on a test run using your brand for the example, giving feedback on the spot. We’ll use a hands-on workshop to put the Brand Plan into a presentation for management and a very tight one page Brand Plan summary document for all to follow.
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Workshop 4: How to write Positioning Statements
The promise the brand makes to the consumer

The brand positioning statement sets up the brand’s promise to the consumer, impacting both external communication (advertising, PR or in-store) as well as internally with employees who deliver that promise.

  • At Beloved Brands, we explain and show brand leaders how to write classic brand positioning statements with the target market, key benefits and reason to believe (RTBs).
  • We start with the consumer and build a customer value proposition. We’ll teach how to define the target market and build insights to bring their story to life.
  • We show you the difference between features and benefits, looking at rational benefits (what do I get?) and emotional benefits (how does it make me feel?)
  • We will show how to turn positioning into a brand concept that can be ready for research testing.
  • Our hands-on workshop helps you write your brand’s positioning statement with live coaching.
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Workshop 5: How to write Creative Briefs
Translating the strategy for agencies

The brief helps focus the strategy so that all agencies can take key elements of the brand plan positioning to and express the brand promise through communication.

  • At Beloved Brands, we help the brand leaders take the elements of strategy (from the Brand Plan) and positioning (from the Brand Positioning Statement) to distill it down to a very succinct 1-page Creative Brief.
  • We start with the role of advertising in changing consumer behavior to drive drive the brand’s bond, power and profit.
    Before the brief, we show you how to do your homework with an advertising strategy that combines positioning and brand plan.
  • We then turn the Brand Communications Strategy into a creative brief to produce great communications of the brand story.
  • The hands-on workshop is a great tool for developing creative briefs on your brand, looking at objectives, target, consumer insights, stimulus and response.
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Workshop 6: Get better Marketing Execution
Evaluating, deciding and giving direction to agencies

Brand Leaders rely on agencies to execute. They need to know to judge the work effectively to ensure they are making the best decisions on how to tell the story of the brand and express the brand’s promise.

  • At Beloved Brands, we provide Brand Leaders with tools and techniques for judging communication concepts from agencies, as well as process for making decisions and providing effective feedback.
  • We talk about the crucial role of the brand leader in getting amazing marketing execution
  • We teach how to make marketing decisions so you can choose great ads and reject bad ads looking at tools such as Attention (A), Branding (B), Communication (C) and Stickiness (S)
  • We show how to provide copy direction that inspires and challenges the agency to get great execution
  • We’ll also talk about how to be a better client so you can motivate and inspire your agency.
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Workshop 7: Get better Media Planning
Evaluating, deciding and giving direction to agencies

Workshop for brand leaders to help them make strategic decisions on media. We look at media as an investment, media as a strategy and the various media options—both traditional and on-line.

  • At Beloved Brands, we provide Brand Leaders with new ways to think about media to be able to drive long term growth and profits for your brand.
  • The role of media in changing consumer behavior to drive drive the brand’s bond, power and profit. We look at impact of media on consumer behavior.
  • How to strategically leverage your Media Investment to help build a stronger, more powerful Brand. We show where media fits into creative process.
  • Using traditional media options to drive your brand. Talk about TV, radio, newspaper, out-of-home.
  • Using on-line media options to drive your brand. Review on digital, social, search and earned media.
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Workshop 8: Win the Purchase Moment
Assess, target and and move consumers to purchase

Brand Leaders need to know how to move consumers on the path to purchase, by gaining entry into their consumers mind, help them test and decide and then experience so they buy again and become a brand fan.

  • At Beloved Brands, we provide Brand Leaders with analytics, planning and decision making tools to help instincts and judgement for moving consumers to purchase.
  • Complete in-store business review, looking at categories, consumer shopping behavior, competitors, customers and the overall brand performance.
  • We teach the basics of customer marketing planning, identifying the target consumer, in-store main messages, strategies, tactics and project management. We also provide a planning process for marketing and sales to work together.
  • We look at the available tools for customer marketing including pricing, promotions, retail shelf management merchandising and operational execution. We provide all the financial equations you need to measure success.
  • We’ll also talk about how to manage the in-store agency to get the best available execution.
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Brand Boot Camp

We have combined some of the workshops into a Boot Camp format, ideal for offsite meetings–either for 3 straight days or  you can stretch them out a month apart.

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Managing your career

Brand Leaders are ambitious, wanting to contribute and get ahead. By tapping into their career development, you’ll drive a much higher retention and a much deeper commitment into performance. Managing your career goes through the 4 key stages of Brand Leader, from Associate Brand Manager, Brand Manager, Director and VP/CMO. At each stage there are 5 key areas for focus and we’d encourage Brand Leaders to identify where they may have gaps.

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Lunch and Learn Series

Teams that get so busy need a spark of inspiration of a hit of learning find a 90 minute lunch and learn the ideal balance to get them going without the full day off. At Beloved Brands, we can deliver that quick hit to inspire your team or we can customize a quick learning so they can take away a key message about fundamentals.

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Example of the workshops

One of the more popular workshops we run is our Brand Positioning workshop.




  • “Graham has an infectious passion for the consumer and for developing others. That combined with his ability to push his team members to excel, makes him a true leader of leaders”
  • “Graham’s boot camp style of instruction is perfect for the development of brand managers. He challenges you to be better, makes you question your decisions with rigour and provides the right level of coaching to bring you to the next level.  He makes Brand Managers”   
  • “Graham provided expert advice and reliable suggestions during coaching sessions to build brand performance with my team. His knowledgeable experience was extremely valuable. I would recommend leveraging his expertise for brand coaching, teaching and brand planning.”    
  • “Graham is an incredible instructor who brings bold ideas and passion.  His teaching style continuously challenged our ability to think creatively, practically and strategically. His teachings has set me up for success towards a career in marketing”.


To contact us, email us at or call us at 416-885-3911. You can also find us on Twitter @belovedbrands.

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