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I am happy to report that 2017 will end with a great series of Ads from Vodafone in the UK. This six-part old fashioned, love story does a great job portraying the awkwardness of the early stages of dating. Anyone who knows the lines to “It’s a Wonderful Life” is good in my books.The rehearsing of that first phone call.The awkwardness of the family probing about them. All very cute. I just finished watching “Love Actually” for the 10th time, almost an annual event with my family.

Sure, these ads weave in a few phone messages. Almost in a cute way. But, they certainly draw the viewer in naturally with the hope of seeing what’s next in the story. Even after six ads, I still hoped for more. Here are all six of the ads. Tell me if you wonder what’s next.



As Brand Leaders, I know we can do better in 2018

The world of branding has become far too transactional in 2017. Too many marketers spent the year trying to hack through algorithms to get a few more views of something rather meaningless. I keep hearing about story-telling, but I’m just not seeing enough of it. Brands have become so data-driven, they want the sale now. The super bowl ads were weak, the Christmas ads even weaker. Don’t even get me started on how boring the John Lewis ad is this year. I think of advertising like the little “add a penny, take a penny” plate or jar you see beside the cash register. Building up your brand to create a desire among consumers is “adding a penny” while telling the consumer to buy is the “taking a penny”.

If you are always taking a penny, there won’t be any pennies left in the penny jar.


As we look to end the business year of 2017, I think we can do better. I want to see great work in 2018. Not just average. Remember, OK is the enemy of great. I want you to ask yourself “Do I love it?”.  If you do not love the work you do, then how can you ever expect the consumer to love your brand. That’s my challenge to everyone reading. If you make some, send it my way. Seeing great work will feel like my reward.

Here’s to seeing greatness in 2018,




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Graham Robertson

Graham spent 20 years in Brand Management leading some of the world’s most beloved brands at Johnson and Johnson, General Mills and Coke, rising up to VP Marketing. In his career, he has won numerous Advertising, Innovation and Leadership awards. Graham played a major role in helping J&J win Marketing Magazine’s prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award. Graham brings a reputation for challenging brand leaders to think differently and to be more strategically focused. Graham founded Beloved Brands in 2010, to help brands find growth and make brand leaders smarter. He leads workshops to help define your Brand Positioning, build your brand’s Big Idea, and write strategic Brand Plans that motivate and focus everyone that works on the brand. Our Beloved Brands training programs will help your team, produce exceptionally smart work work that drives stronger brand growth and profits. We cover everything a brand leader needs to know including strategic thinking, planning, positioning, execution and analytics. Our robust client roster has included the NFL Players Association, Reebok, the NBA, Acura, Shell, Miller Lite, 3M, Jack Link’s and Pfizer. His weekly brand stories have generated over 5 million views.

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