In honour of D-Day, a “Thank You” TV ad that will give you shivers

d-dayOn June 6, 1944, the Normandy landings, codenamed Operation Neptune. saw the largest seaborne invasion in history, the operation began the invasion of German-occupied western Europe, which led to the restoration of France, the re-capture of Paris and contributed to an Allied victory in the war.

In honour of the 70th anniversary of the landing on D-Day, I wanted to share a TV ad of a young man thanking his grandfather for his time served in Dieppe during WWII. The Dieppe raids took place 2 years before D-Day, and saw extremely heavy casualties. A total of 3,623 of the 6,086 men (almost 60%) who made it ashore were either killed, wounded, or captured.   The events at Dieppe influenced preparations for the Normandy landings. tumblr_lszlv3VDZI1qaqn8to1_1280As a Canadian, Dieppe is a source of pride for us, as 5,000 of the 6,000 soldiers involved were Canadian.  Canadians were also heavy participants in the D-Day invasion, with 14,000 soldiers landing on the beaches of Normandy on the 6th of June in 1944. 

This TV ad for Bell in Canada is a bit dated now, but back in the mid 90s we were still excited we could call from anywhere. I’ve been to that beach in Dieppe and it does command such intense feelings.  While this is just a TV ad, and we might find that silly, it’s one more example of how, when we think of our consumers first, our industry can connect on the things that matter.

We see many tributes to the soldiers, but this one unique thanks one who served long ago.  Every time I watch this ad, it sends a chill through me.  


 On this 70th anniversary of D-Day, a special thank you to all who have served.



Graham Robertson

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